What is something outrageous that Trump has done during his time in office that we’ve all forgotten about?

What is something outrageous that Trump has done during his time in office that we’ve all forgotten about?

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  1. Because he’s a Putin fanboy who refused to say a negative thing about Russia, Putin used that opportunity to launch a direct attack on US forces in Syria. Hilariously, no US soldiers were injured and there were at least 80 confirmed Russian soldiers killed, but it was reportedly in the low hundreds. US forces saw them coming and hit them with everything. Russia denied they were theirs, so the US general who called the Russian general was like “okay, fine” and gave the order to destroy them.

    Russia used what is known as the Wagner Group, which is bankrolled by Yevgeny Prigozhin who is nicknamed “Putin’s Chef” and is responsible for the Internet Research Agency aka the troll farm. Wagner Group is a volunteer special forces unit controlled by Russian’s Ministry of Defense, but until recently, they denied they exist. Now that they’re very visible in Ukraine and Wagner is recruiting from such places as Russian prisons, Russian state media admits they’re real.

    Trump said nothing about Russia’s deniable special operations unit trying to take over a US base. He continues to kiss Putin’s ass like nothing happened.

    I mean really, how the fuck are our counterintelligence people supposed to feel about that? Do people understand the consequences of his actions on February 7, 2018? What if Russia launched a surprise nuclear strike with Trump in office? Are Republicans good with him going “I don’t believe it, but just in case, let’s go down to the bunker”?



    In case you’re wondering what Wagner Group has been up to recently, they’ve reportedly been disemboweling women in the Central African Republic.


  2. Remember that time he had the Russian foreign minister in the oval office and he revealed intelligence secrets because he was bragging to them?

    And everyone at the time was like it’s just trump hes inexperienced he doesn’t know what hes doing.

    And the dumb fuck never got any smarter.

  3. While not illegal and in no way immoral… Just really dumb… Remember when he invited some team, I think the NCAA basketball tournament winners, to the White House and the dinner was a giant pile of McDonalds “hamburdlers” or however he miss-tweeted it?

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