What is something people brag about that signals a red flag?

What is something people brag about that signals a red flag?

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  1. * A high number of sexual partners.

    * How many physical fights they’ve been in… and they’re not a professional fighter.

    * How expensive their car or clothes are.

  2. This might be a hot take but…

    Whoever is reading this…your ability to drink large amounts of alcohol is not impressive.

    Then again, the list of things I do find impressive is practically non-existent.

  3. Those that are ‘keeping up with the Jones’’. If you feel you need to look like you are wealthy and constantly need new things then you’ll never be happy with your life.

  4. I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet: how much alcohol they can handle. Alcoholics love bragging about how they can outdrink people. If you meet someone that brags about never having hangovers and outdrinking everyone, run. 🥴

  5. Men who take pride in their woman doing everything domestic.

    Aside from the misogyny, there’s nothing manly about not being able to clean your own underwear.

  6. How much they spend on something. I knew one person that when they took a trip they would emphasize how they flew first class, what luxury hotel they stayed in, the restaurants they are at, etc. Tacky as hell, and basically throwing in peoples’ faces how the rest of us can’t afford that.

  7. They were the “better” partner in all their previous relationships, and everyone else has always done them wrong. Seriously. We all have mistakes. Own it.

    I’m yet to meet anyone, whose wife/girlfriend/significant other, has not cheated on him, or who was not “sh&#tty”.

    Maybe you were the asshole…ever think about that? Nope I guess it has never crossed your mind, hence why you will continue in the same cycle.

    Some relationships, although few and far between, end amicably. And even if they don’t. Each person had their own role to play in a relationship.

    It urks me to the core. When someone feels that the first thing they need to do, is badmouth someone they clearly loved at one stage, to overshadow their own mistakes from the get-go

  8. Being a Kendo master and the founder of a dojo

    Fighting with flaming swords in a tournament on the Great Wall of China

    Having cybernetic implants which enhance sword fighting abilities.

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