What is something people just don’t seem to understand?

What is something people just don’t seem to understand?

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  1. The point of therapy. It’s not just to vent about your day. Everyone has a few different strong, conditioned emotional responses to cues that they learned in childhood. These emotional responses make us very angry, very depressed, etc. Therapy is the process of learning those emotional responses (this is the only part that venting helps with), digging up the cues, becoming aware of how the cues taught you the responses, and then un-coupling the response from your triggers. This way your mind works more smoothly for you and you aren’t beholden to these strong emotional responses.

    I think a lot more people would be open to therapy and view it as effective if they understood and/or sought out this process rather than just viewed it as trauma dumping for “weak” people.

  2. Wanted to add one more. People seem to think introverts like joking and ribbing with people and seem to relentlessly joke/rib at introverts. Idk if they think they will get this out of their shell but I will tell you it is not a super good idea imo,introverts will take personally

  3. That paying everyone a living wage benefits them too. But these are the same idiots that think singlehandedly carrying their own medical bills is better than all of us sharing the load.

  4. That there are so many possibilities. They keep calling it all nonsense, especially the existence of God, which I thought everyone agreed on.

  5. Everyone is only here once. Even if there were such a thing as reincarnation, no one appears to remember their past life. So remember this when you hear about experts in something. Expert in basket weaving? Has only been doing that for one lifetime.

  6. That when writing about a particular decade, there’s usually no need for an apostrophe (e.g., the 1960’s). If the term is truncated, an apostrophe is warranted, but it is to be placed where the missing characters would have sat. “The 60’s” is therefore incorrect. It’s “the ‘60s.” An apostrophe immediately prior to the “s” is only appropriate in the rare case where the writer is indicating possession, which usually doesn’t occur when writing of a particular decade.

    Nine times out of 10, writers get this wrong.

  7. Left lane is for passing, and you’re not supposed to camp it going the same speed as the car next to you.

    Also, any form of merging whatsoever.

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