What is something rare that happened to you twice?

What is something rare that happened to you twice?

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  1. I’ve had 3 separate dreams about my car falling down a huge drop with my husband driving. The location is always different but the dream always ends with the car falling and my husband and I reaching out to hold each other and saying I love you. Creeps me out a little.

  2. Rainbows come in multiples where I was raised. It wasn’t uncommon to see double, triple and quadruple rainbows. It blew my mind when I realized not everyone had the chance to see them.

  3. Got an AK in poker. Hit the royal flush. Next hand I got AA and hit royal again.

    Edit. Not a double, but I have Crohn’s disease in my duodenum. 0.5% of the population have Crohn’s. 0.07% of those have it in the duodenum.

  4. I got t boned in the passenger seat twice. That shit sucks. Don’t drink and drive.

    That said, it’s kind of darkly funny

    Edit: lmao, someone downvoted me. I think they thought I was the culprit.

    Nah, I’m saying don’t do it. Because I was perfectly fine. I ended up pinned in until firefighters came up and cut me out. Now I have nerve damage because I spent a while pinned up against something with metal cutting into me bleeding. Think before you make assumptions.

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