What is something school taught you that has later been proven to be false?

What is something school taught you that has later been proven to be false?

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  1. That 13 little colonies beat the most powerful army in the world on their own. Reality is, the Americans couldn’t have defeated the British without help from France. At the decisive Battle of Yorktown, there were as many French soldiers as Colonial regulars – and the British were cornered only because of a French navy blockade.

    Plus, Spain also used the opportunity to try to take back Gibraltar, and some local leaders in India used the opportunity to take back some territory. There were at least 44 documented battles during this time that *didn’t* happen in America. It was essentially the first world war.

  2. That higher education always means higher intelligence.

    Plenty of people graduating college that are ignorant and unintelligent and literally only learned how to navigate the bureaucracy and do the bare minimum they needed to “get the grade”.

    Hell, I’m one of them.

    I can distinctly remember doing very, very well in my Organic Chemistry course for example, a pre-requisite course for the major I was in (I work in a field outside my major) and in this moment I really couldn’t tell you jack shit about O-Chem beyond the basics.

  3. Anybody remember seeing the illustrations of Egyptian slaves building the pyramids with logs, ropes, and ramps in your textbook? Like wtf was that. All the professionals are not even in agreement in how they were built, even back then, so why are we being taught they were built in this ridiculous way? Maybe kids interest would be more sparked if you didnt act like we have figured everything out already. It would of inspired me to learn more if my school was honest and said we are not totally sure how they were built still. All this stuff i found boring in school; history, science, math; i now find fascinating and i spend free time watching stuff other people are probably watching for homework.

  4. You can’t cite wikipedia as a source because it is undependable and anyone can change it.

    The real reason you can’t cite it is because it’s an encyclopedia and those are tertiary sources that shouldn’t be cited to begin with.

    Citing an encyclopedia is like saying “I know a guy who knows another guy who claims he did an experiment on this topic. That is shit reasoning if you want someone to take you seriously.

  5. That Hebrew slaves built the pyramids and then roamed the desert for 40 years. Last I read, there was NO proof that the Hebrews left their lands. Egyptian farmers built the pyramids during flooding periods, according to Egyptologists.

  6. All of Christianity, no you’re not Christian for the reasons you think, you’re Christian because you were mentally beaten into it before you had a concept of consent. Same goes with ANYTHING else you were scolded for questioning or having a different opinion on. If the teacher wasn’t open to discussion, you were being indoctrinated to agree with their opinions which were almost always wrong.

  7. There are 9 planets in our solar system.

    Only whores have pain when they are menstruating.

    When I grow up I will never have a calculator nearby when I need it.

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