What is something someone said to you that will stick with you for the rest of your life?

What is something someone said to you that will stick with you for the rest of your life?

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  1. The very first time I got pulled over by a cop it was for speeding, everyone else around me was also going 15+ miles above limit but he choose me. There were so many other cars but he really choose me I couldn’t believe it.

    I was honest and told him I did it because literally all other cars were doing it so it felt safer. He gave me a break and told me that it is not always the best idea to follow the herd. Such a simple moment but it stuck with me forever.

  2. My mom and I were in an argument while she was drunk and I forget the context, but I off-handed said “yeah, I know you wish I was different, right?” She paused and said “yeah, actually.”

    I’ve been “off” my whole life. Never knew why, just… cold and detached and not interested in the things most people are. Never wanted to get married, never wanted kids (found out I can’t have them anyway). Finally found out at 36 that I have Asperger’s/am autistic.

    The above conversation happened a couple years before my diagnosis, but ir makes me so much sadder since getting the official diagnosis. I always wanted to *be* different and thought maybe I would be one day. Maybe I’d be more sociable when I get to goal weight? Or when I graduate college (attempt number two)? Turns out I never will be different or like other people because I’m not wired *to* be like them.

    I don’t think she remembers the conversation, but it makes me so fucking sad when I think about it.

  3. long story, sorry. i’m using this as an excuse to rant about it a little.

    my friend took me on vacation to meet her very big family. i met dozens of people and fit in really well. they were all amazing and fun. i was really happy that they all liked me because my family is very small and doesn’t communicate much. i never really feel loved or accepted with my real family, but her family that i was only with for two weeks treated me like i was one of them. my friend HATED this. she didn’t like that i fit in, she didn’t like that they accepted me, she didn’t like that they talked to me or hung out with me. she genuinely thought i was stealing her family from her (as they were paying less attention to her, however they just gave me more attention to make sure i was having a good time). she got mad at me during the trip and told me it’s not fair and that i was being inconsiderate. i pushed this aside, as i was familiar with this behavior from her and didn’t want to even discuss it. later on, i jokingly said “do you mind if come again next time? i really like your family”, and she told me “no, i wish i never brought you.” this hurt me so much. my family is cold and unfriendly, and i just felt so much better with them, but i was completely rejected by just her. it doesn’t make sense, you’d think she’d be happy that her family likes her friend, but no. it’s not like they like me better than her. they have a bond that i’ll never have with them so they’d always choose her over me, which makes sense and it’s not like i want them to like me more, but to say something like that to me just seems… i don’t know… it was just rude and hurtful.

    tl;dr: my friend introduced me to her family and she hated that they really liked me and she told me she wished she never brought me to meet them.

    we’re also not on speaking terms due to an unrelated fight that happened a few days ago.

  4. Not exactly to me, more like I overheard it. A girl in elementary school told a friend that I was blind, then they laughed. I wasn’t very coordinated on the playground because my sight goes blurry when I rub, but really?

  5. “You should use your looks to get with man who is wealthy.”

    At the time I was in a relationship and we had a 2 year-old son. We’ve been together for 41 years.

  6. “I want a hot dog.”
    He was screaming at the McDonald’s talking head of Ronald in the drive thu.
    That’s when I realized I was smarter than my father. I was like 8 years old.

  7. “Don’t wish your life away.”

    My manager said this to me at work the day he retired, it’s been a few months now and I still think about it everyday to motivate myself.

  8. No point living in fear. When your time’s up, it’s up.

    Said to me when I was 12 and traveling alone into a foreign country. Terroristic threats had disrupted air traffic and I had to decide whether or not to fly in on the first day the airport reopened.

    I chose to fly and I’ve lived by those words ever since.

  9. In medical school we’re taught that “common things are common” and that “when you hear hooves, think horses not zebras” meaning that we should always assume the most obvious diagnosis.

    Medical students almost always jump to the rarest disease when taking multiple choice tests or when they first go out into clinical rotations and see real patients. Reminding myself of those two quotes has really made the difference between being a preclinical medical student and a practicing physician.

  10. In class my friend end randomly asked what was the fastest time you pooped I told him 2 mins including washing hands wiping etc. the whole entire class heard me say that :/

  11. someone at the NA meeting i went to yesterday said “my past is the best thing i got going for me”. and yeah hes right i learned i lot of hard lessons in a few short years

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