What is something that can make an unattractive person suddenly very attractive?

What is something that can make an unattractive person suddenly very attractive?

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  1. Credits to u/GewyNguyen for this question on “What is something that can make the most beautiful person suddenly very ugly?”, i saw it hasn’t been posted yet and thought it was a good question – Posting this here because the post got deleted if this was in the title

  2. Depends on how unattractive they are. If it’s a matter of style, that can be fixed. If it’s their physical characteristics, then there’s not much that can be done unless they are lucky enough to meet someone who likes those features. But to answer your question:

    – fresh haircut

    – different clothing style

    – confidence in the right quantities

    – subtle humor and encouragement

    – their actions speak louder than their words

  3. Intelligence, good style, humour, boldness.

    One of my exes was not the prettiest woman ever, she had a face that was always red from eczema and very thin, almost balding hair, and not the most beautiful features. But she was strong, muscular and big (although i tend to be more into soft women) but more importantly, moved through life with an almost shocking arrogance. Men would get shocked or angry on the street just from the way she moved, and she would project her voice like a loud bell. She was hyper intelligent and hyper arrogant, the equivalent of a human bulldozer, everything else had to move out of the way or get crushed (she also drove her car like that). It was thrilling, especially when she would get soft with me, because there was always an imminent threat of violence, like an elephant putting their paw ever so softly on your head, so soft, so sensual, but with the ever existing possibility that they could crush you any moment and need all their self control not to.

  4. If someone is trying to make me feel good, safe, make small attention like a surprise message or make me feel special and wanted i would start to think that person is attactive. Like a lot.

  5. Their personality. If they’re genuinely funny, smart, respectful and kind, it goes such a long way. Beauty fades, but a genuine personality doesn’t.

    Bonus if they always smell nice. Showered, deodorized, and lightly perfumed. Wow.

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