What is something that every new apartment renter should know/do?

What is something that every new apartment renter should know/do?

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  1. Get renters insurance. It is surprisingly inexpensive and can cover things that any insurance your landlord has on the actual structure won’t, such as your belongings and or emergency housing in case you are unable to reside in your place due to fire, flood, etc…

  2. On the first day before moving stuff in, see if there is any damage anywhere. Take a photo and communicate that to the rental. That way they don’t try and say you damaged anything.

  3. Change the locks, or request that the apartment complex changes them.

    They’re supposed to be changed in between tenants, but a lot of places won’t do so unless you request it. Which means you don’t know who does and doesn’t have access to your apartment.

  4. Be prepared to not your deposit back. Especially if you’re young. Clean your floors regularly. Take a video of the house right when you move in so you have a date and period of how you received it and how left it 🙂

  5. Read the damn lease. It’s a pain in the ass but one time I didn’t read the lease, signed it, and later read it.
    It said that if the HVAC system broke, we would have to replace it. That we had to take out the neighbors trash? That if there was a flea infestation we had to pay for it and… SURPRISE. There were multiple flea infestations 💃🏻

  6. Read thoroughly all the paperwork, make sure to check any legal issues of the owner of the property, the proper property paperwork.

    Also remember after the real state agency gets their fee and you sign the paperwork, they don’t give a fuck about you or the property.

  7. Extensively document everything wrong with the place. Email it to the landlord so the record is date-stamped. This way they cannot charge you for damage that was there when you moved in.

    When you get a new property manager, make sure your security deposit is accounted for. When I moved out, I did not have my original lease or proof that I paid it. It was supposed to be put into an account that earned interest. It was gone, and I cannot find out who took it, or when.

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