What is something that genuinely makes you lose faith in humanity?

What is something that genuinely makes you lose faith in humanity?

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  1. The YouTube comment section

    I saw a video about a monument put in place where the nazis burned books, and probably 90% of the comment section was supporting it because that were “liberal and Jew books”.

    I was taught in school book burning of any sort was not only immoral but an erasure of history itself. That aside though, I seriously lost faith in humanity reading those comments.

  2. Every single day i go to work in the prison. I always hope I’ve heard the most repugnant thing humans do to each other. But yet I am always horrificly surprised.

  3. The fact that the US is actually going backwards in time. Denying science (global warming, anti-vaxxers) and stripping its citizens of rights the rest of the world has taken for granted for decades.

  4. The fact that billionaires exist and just keep getting richer at the expense of the average individual while politicians do everything they can to protect them and their bottom line

  5. Was around 7 when i saw a small armadillo crawling around. A couple of kids had beat it with a bat. Its head was no longer a head, butt its entire skull was showing. I remember just a trail of blood and it blindly walking wherever. Pretty clear it would die within an hour. Me and my dad called animal services and they put it down. Those kids never got caught though and i really hope karma gets them

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