What is something that in your culture is normal, but in another place is a weird thing?

What is something that in your culture is normal, but in another place is a weird thing?

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  1. If you order “water” in a German restaurant, staff will by definition understand mineral water and you’ll be charged for it. If you want tap water (extremely strictly monitored in Germany, perfectly safe to drink) you have to specifically order it. And in non touristic areas you will confuse staff.

    There is no real reason for it, it’s just a cultural habit. Sometimes Redditors call it scam, but I disagree with it – as every German knows about it, we expect to be served mineral water when asking for water, after all.

  2. Some casual Iranian sayings of endearment:

    “I want to eat your liver”

    “I will sacrifice my life for you”

    “My stomach is tight for you”

    “Wishing your breath to be warm”

    Not endearing, but “dirt on your head” if you are upset with someone, essentially meaning that you should be buried.

  3. People asking:

    1. Why are you fat/skinny during Christmas family reunions.
    2. Why I am not yet married.
    3. Who I voted for in the last election.

  4. Normal to greet females with a kiss in informal settings.

    Quite common to eat shark meat, not the fins the actual fillet of the fish and probably a lot of people have eaten it under a commercial name elsewhere.

  5. Where I live in the US, we pull over for funeral processions. It’s a respect thing and everyone does it. A friend of mine from a different part of the states saw me do this while driving once and was SO confused and made fun of me out of confusion. It’s so common I didn’t realize some people don’t do this.

  6. I’d say not knowing geography, but I’ve met some dumb Western Europeans who have no grasp on the geography of Easten Europe. Like thinking Romania is another name for Italy.

  7. Eating practically every piece of the cow. And, although it’s not really a common thing (as in I’ve only done it twice in my life), eating grasshoppers as a snack, like seeds.

  8. Let’s see… In no particular order:

    – Giving your boss a kiss when you arrive at the office,
    – Drinking one big glass of alcohol whenever we’ll you eat something, even the 6pm snacks,
    – Getting mad at people who arrive early at your parties or even on time because who the fuck shows up without being at least 5 minutes late,
    – Giving a nod to the fully-armed military whenever you go out in the city center,
    – Preparing about three different glasses, four plates of different sizes and three sets of cutlery **per person** whenever you invite them to eat at home.

    Guess where I’m from?

  9. Marrying our cousins. Completely normal tradition, and I’ve many family members that have multiple children from such unions who are all healthy.

  10. Calling people nicknames by their appearance if you don’t know they person like for example we could see someone random in the streets and we need help with SM and the person is skinny the just scream “skinnyyyy” which is “FLACO”

  11. Apparently people don’t just walk up to strangers and start a conversation in other places. Friendly people here tend to do it and most actually don’t mind a little small talk.

  12. Not sure if I would call this culture, maybe it is, but ukranian/jewish type of humor does not give a fuck. Like racist shit, sexist shit, we don’t fucking care if it’s funny it’s funny. Fuck your feelings, if you can’t laugh at yourself you won’t be able to handle this community. Dark as fuck at times too it’s great.

  13. The frequency of our showers. In the US, it’s not unusual to shower every day. Pretty uncommon to shower that often in other countries and cultures.

  14. Using a small packet of tissue paper, name card, office access card with lanyard, heck even laptops to reserve a seat at an public eatery.

    Once you place those items down on an empty table, it’s known to be occupied and you can then make your way to the food stall to place your food order and come back to the table you’ve reserved.

    When foreigners come, some may not understand this local practice and take the seats anyway, or assume that the packet of tissue left there as a form of reservation is for their use, or trash left behind by the previous user.

  15. eating raw pork

    Mettbrötchen (seasoned, raw minched pork on a bun, optional onions, salt, and pepper) is a pretty cheap and delicious snack or meal in Germany and some surrounding countries. Shouldn’t be attempted elsewhere since raw pork isn’t safe to eat unless you know it’s fresh.

    Mett is made specifically to be eaten raw and has to be made fresh on the day and either eaten, cooked or frozen (to cook later) on the same day. If your country doesn’t have this kind of standard you shouldn’t try it unless you trust your butcher with your life.

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