What is something that instantly makes someone a bad person?

What is something that instantly makes someone a bad person?

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  1. I don’t think we want to have knee jerk reactions that permanently taint your opinion of someone. It takes more than one instance to know if someone is truly an altogether bad human being.

    Obviously things like sexually abusing children might make this list, but even then, people who do that are often victims of the same in their own childhoods, so I don’t know, can they really be said to know better (obviously they have to be punished and prevented from being a danger to others).

  2. You always know how much of a bad person someone is by the way they treat waiters. Someone that does not say a simple “thank you” to the waiter/waitress when they bring drinks/food makes me dislike them really fast.

  3. Constantly being negative about everything for no reason.

    I had a friend who was my best friend for years. He was the sort of person who if you ever mentioned that you liked a certain movie or a certain band, he would ALWAYS offer up like, “yeah it’s okay I guess if you don’t know a lot about that sort of thing, [thing he likes] is a lot better though.” Whenever I’d comment on how cool someone was or that I thought another girl was pretty, he’d always be like “yeah she’s okay, definitely not my type.” Basically, if you ever expressed any sincere positivity for something, he would be there to reflexively tell you that the thing you like isn’t that good and there’s much better stuff. It was exhausting.

    I used to be very depressed and thus negative myself, so I fed off of this energy. When I started to recover I realized how toxic and shitty it was. Just never ever being able to admit that something might be good or to let people enjoy stuff, it’s such a shitty way to live your life.

  4. Rudeness and narcissism. When I’m talking with someone that seems to completely dominate the conversation I can’t stand them. Bonus points for cutting people off and/ or redirecting the conversation back to themselves constantly.

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