What is something today that nobody worried about 50 years ago?

What is something today that nobody worried about 50 years ago?

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  1. In my area? Flooding.

    Fifty years ago, the only places that flooded were the ones within a block or so of the local river. Heck, that was the case even twenty years ago. Now, though? Pretty much every hurricane puts over half my town underwater.

    What really sucks is that part of it is a manmade problem. The city keeps letting developers build entire neighborhoods on top of the local wetlands, so flood zones that were previously uninhabited are now full of people. No idea how or why it’s legal to build and sell homes in areas that are guaranteed to flood, but it’s super fucking unethical.

  2. Wondering where I left my cellphone is something I didn’t worry about 50 years ago.

    50 years ago we had landlines, I could make an emergency call at any time of day. Not anymore. Now, I live in an area which has gone from rural to developed in the past 10 years, without developers adding more cell towers. And landlines aren’t even offered in this area. We must rely on cell, which has nearly zero coverage. We use internet for calling, but if our internet is down, we cannot call for help. A neighbor died last month, his wife could not reach 911 because their Internet was down, making her cell phone useless. Now I worry about not being able to call the ambulance for health emergencies, something I didn’t worry about 50 years ago.

    50 years ago, I went to school without worrying about a school shooting. We had frightening bomb and tornado drills, nothing worse. Now I am terrified for my grandchildren at school each day.

    50 years ago, I did not worry about road rage shootings and carjackings. Now I live near an area of the United States with one of the highest incidences of both.

    50 years ago, we left our doors unlocked, unafraid of the unknown. Almost 6 years ago, my son answered a knock at the door, was robbed and shot in his head, and we removed life support 3.5 days later. I moved away from the violent city, but three years later am still anxious. Now my door stays locked, we have cameras, and I am nervous every time there is an unexpected knock.

    So many negatives. Here’s a couple of positives:

    Going to the bank it’s something I worried about 50 years ago but not now. I haven’t been to the bank in years, automatic deposit, ATM machines, and remote banking with an app has eliminated my need to go to the bank.

    Grocery curbside pick up and grocery delivery is something I didn’t worry about 50 years ago. There wasn’t such a thing. Now I “worry” about picking up on time, during my allotted time window. A nice worry.

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