What is something you are overly passionate about?

What is something you are overly passionate about?

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  1. Old Hollywood. I love watching old movies and reading up about the history and reading biographies about old timey actors and I have no outlet for my excitement about all of this because no one in my life wants to hear about it

  2. Documentaries that shows people working on their passion. NHK World is agold mine for this kind of content.
    Passionate people is something that drives me crazy

  3. My horse. I fulfilled myself a childhood dream when I bought him, and everytime I see him it’s magical. But by all objective standards, horses are expensive, kinda useless, and have a knack for getting themselves hurt.

  4. Ocean liners and similar archaic forms of transpo, like dirigibles. Cruise ships are wasteful and unnecessary, but I love the old liners from the 1850s to the 1950s. I also obsess over numbers and linguistics, but that’s just for me, as a treat.

  5. I’m gonna go hyperspecific cuz I just yelled at someone about this earlier and I’m still mad.

    Y’all need to stop misusing the term Gaslighting as a synonym for lying or manipulating.

    I see people do this shit all the time, I just saw a girl claim that her dog was “gaslighting her”. This was not a joke post either, she was asking for advice on dogs that beg to different people.

    I also see lord of people who have cheaters or other types of abusive liars use the term, and while lying is in itself destabilizing and abusive and not okay to do to your partner, it’s a different form of abuse than gaslighting.

    For anyone unaware of the difference or unaware of this term, gaslighting is a particular form of emotional abuse. A gaslighter seeks to destabilize their victims emotional floor by making them doubt the truth of the world around them. They will use various methods, such as removing a persons memories through doubt spreading, the implant false memories, they will have other people lie to the victim about events the person is doubting, they may give false impressions of the victim to people around them to change the dynamics between a victim and their associates. And much much more. The point is an ongoing attempt to make the person unable to distinguish reality from non-reality so that it’s easier to manipulate them into the abusers reality.


    My abuser knew that some of my mental illnesses cause forgetfulness and even in harsh examples, fugue states. He also knew this was something I feared more than anything, the idea of my MI getting worse and me missing long patches. He would, when we were arguing, assert that I had said something before, or that a situation had gone down differently than I was remembering. Then, as I would get scared, he’d act sympathetic and concerned like “oh no…do you really not remember this happening? That’s not good, sweetheart, that’s really scary, it sounds like your disorders are getting worse. Here, let’s sit down and stop fighting, I’m sorry. I’ll get you a snack and we can put the situation back together. No don’t worry I don’t judge it’s okay, I’m here.” And would reward me for believing him. That snack part is also consistent, he would reward me
    With food like a dog. For years I thought he was the only person I could trust to tell me what reality was, and it was only after I left him and started contacting people who we had been around, that I found out the reality of those situations, and that so many of them went down EXACTLY like I remembered. It was horrifying and made my MI that much worse for years to come, and has made my marriage harder because sometimes I’ll get scared that he’s doing this when really he GENUINELY is trying to help me remember things I forget.


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