What is something you can’t believe people spend a lot of money on?

What is something you can’t believe people spend a lot of money on?

What do you think?


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  1. Anime figures which is pretty ironic to some extend because I myself collect them but if they cost more than 400$ high chances I’m not getting it unless I really love the character.

  2. Cars – if you live in a city a fast car is pointless.

    Watches. Jewellery. Anything that doesn’t serve any actual purpose besides aesthetics.

    Wine and food are another one. I don’t understand people who spend $200 on a bottle of wine that tastes imperceptibly different or at least not any better than a $20 bottle – proven countless times in blind tests. Regardless even if it tastes slightly better to you, it’s not worth it unless you literally have money to burn IMO.

  3. Pillows. Moved out for the first time and needed a mattress and they gave me a pillow to try with the mattress. It was the most amazing pillow I’ve ever laid on in my life. $175. I had to pass but I’ve thought about it ever since.

    Just recently saw a TV ad for a discount build your own pillow. “Call now” and they were 2 for $40. Online? $300! Bought them to try and it was amazing.

  4. I get that they were cheap cash grabs, and they made a shit ton of money, but I still cannot believe anyone read Jackson’s script for LotR and actually agreed to pay money for it. They’re just so fucking *bad.*

  5. Fast food restaurants, like i usually go once in a month or maybe 2 but my god, some people literally live of it and i think it’s not only unhealthy but also too expensive

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