What is something you did as a kid that would probably label you as a psychopath as an adult?

What is something you did as a kid that would probably label you as a psychopath as an adult?

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  1. One morning on a whim I held my younger brother down, put ketchup on his face and let the dog lick it off. This happened to be the day after Halloween so of course it resulted in him vomiting a river of chocolate. To this day he gets squeamish whenever he sees ketchup.

    I imagine if I did that now as an adult to one of my coworkers I’d be having some serious conversations with HR.

  2. Lit a tunnel in an old factory up with lighter fluid and flames and ran, cackling, through it.

    Threw Molotov cocktails at some old concrete slabs in the woods.

    Burned a hole in the asphalt street.

    So… stuff with fire.

  3. Where I grew up there was a frog season. You could walk outside and just see frogs everywhere, and they were always a hassle to try and keep our of the house. Me and the neighbor kids would take baseball bats and just walk around all day smashing frogs for fun, though I believe our parents also pushed us to do so. It felt like a normal thing, and even looking back at it, it was like community pest control, but starting a story with “we used to kill frogs with bats when I was a kid” has never gone over well lol.

  4. Used to hit little ants with a slipper, then when they became sort of crippled put them in “ant hospital” – an empty match box. Then suddenly, a fire broke out in the hospital and the recovering patients died.

    I suddenly had a moment where I realized I was literally killing little things, and when I would die I would probably be tortured by a giant ant in the afterlife (still believed in that stuff back then). I left it at that but I felt really bad for days (and still do).

  5. I told a neighbor kid there were bodies buried in the basement and we should investigate it. I locked her in the basement, laughed, invited other kids over to scare her and laugh at her.

  6. Two things that I can remember. First one is when I found a dead snake and stuck it in a neighbors mailbox.

    Second was when I chopped a mouse’s head of with an axe, then picked it up and surprised the neighbor lady with it.

    Ah, the 70s.

  7. Walking the train tracks over water on the bridge. The train was coming towards us and we took off running towards the train to jump on a platform and the others jumped on the cables and one ran up the stairs next to the risers. Their was three of us that day it was fun.

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