What is something you don’t understand?

What is something you don’t understand?

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  1. I can’t see how certain Americans can look at Trump and see him as an intelligent, honest and reasonable person. He’s always been a loose cannon and a crook. I grew up in Australia and it was well known since the 80’s he was a crook and a blowhard and not to be taken seriously.

  2. Pictures, videos, phone calls… Like WHAT? You’re telling me I can see and hear something that happened in the past and rewatch it?? Or that I can talk to somebody who’s on the other side of the planet by AIR AND WAVES??!

  3. The fundamental difference between Einstein’s theories of General and Special Relativity.

    Or why bananas stay green for so long then only yellow for like 2 days before turning black. That shit is annoying.

  4. This is gonna sound like a joke answer, but I don’t understand how other people are so bad at understanding the behavior of others. It feels like if person A sees person B do something that person A themself wouldn’t do, their response is, “I don’t understand how person B could do that. It makes no sense,” as opposed to realizing, “Well, since person B *doesn’t have the same thoughts and opinions I do*, clearly they must have a reason that made sense to them to do that. Let me put myself in their shoes and figure out what that is.”

  5. Diferential equations and linear algebra.

    So I kind of understood calculus, and it’s been years since I took a course but I passed levels 1, 2, and 3 in college. For some reason I had to take DE+LA for my major and didn’t even begin to understand a lick of it. My GF at the time was borderline genius and she would blow through it all, 100s on everything. I was lost from the word go, then only reason I got a C is because we found the answers to the mid term on professors desk and I still got a 70… With all the answers….

  6. Why people don’t understand that there has to be, at minimum, exceptions to banned abortions. Honestly, any argument against abortions in general. And why they gotta be so fucking loud about it.

  7. Why do so many games reviewers play games like Resident Evil on “normal” or “standard” difficulty and then complain that it is too easy?

    When will they learn? When will they stop making the same mistake over and over?

    Standard difficulty in 99% of games is balanced for 10 year old kids, OBVOOUSLY it is going to be too easy for 20-40 year old men.

    To get value for your money and a memorable first olaythrough, you djould play games like Resident Evil on hard-core.

  8. I don’t understand why some people feel their name is an important part of their identity. For most it’s just some arbitrary label, chosen before anyone had any idea what kind of a person you would be.

  9. As a giant monster, I don’t understand how the Japanese rebuild their cities so quickly after I destroyed it all. It’s even more crazy why they still live there, rather than move somewhere else that doesn’t experience invasions of giant monsters like myself and King Ghidorah. Why, just why?!

  10. Consciousness. I mean, what is it and why is it? We all have one. I was given control over this body. How did that happen? Can consciousness be transplanted? Is it unique to our brains? If I time travel to see myself in the past, is it two different consciousnesses? Is the conciseness a physical thing or more than that? What happens to it after death? If I was immortal, but the body frail and I were to be vaporized, what happens to it? Is immortality simply just the conciseness living on?

    Or am I looking into this to much and it’s random that I got this body to control and have dominion over?

  11. The multiverse theory. Tbh, physics in general? It’s less that I don’t understand it, and more that my brain actively goes into revolt any time I try to learn more. It sends me into such a panic and state of existential dread, I don’t get it. I can’t have any sort of rational conversation around it. The second you start talking about parallel time lines or universes my brain quite literally starts saying “nope nope, fuck this, nope nope”. Maybe it’s the idea of acknowledging something so much bigger than myself, idk but even typing this out is giving me so much dread.

    So yeah, I don’t understand multiverses, physics or how anyone stomachs that topic. I’m convinced anyone with degrees in this shit is actually a low key psychopath because I’ve got full body shivers right now

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