What is something you find unbearable that people don’t mind?

What is something you find unbearable that people don’t mind?

What do you think?


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  1. Multiple people trying to talk to me at the same time. 1 I’m hard of hearing and reliant on lip reading with unfamiliar people 2 that shit makes my brain just like, reboot the system but I get very agitated at said reboot
    Like, I’d much rather just walk away from the multiple conversations and see separate emails/texts to the people who were trying to talk to me

  2. Those “oddly satisfying” pimple popping videos on YouTube. My boyfriend watches them a lot. I literally can’t even watch the video through without wanting to throw up 🤢

  3. Open doors. Can’t do it. (Specifically in a bedroom)

    If I’m staying at your place I WILL make you shut all the doors before I go to sleep. No way in hell I can sleep with one open.

  4. I know this is weird but I hate buttons. Like those on clothes (for example on shirt or on some other clothes. I don’t know why but I think I have some button phobia or something, because it just feels so disgusting when I have to touch it. I don’t usually wear clothes with buttons. Or I mean some of them are better and I don’t have so big problem with them (for example buttons on jeans or on some jackets are alright), but the type of buttons that are for example on shirts are just no no for me. I don’t mind when others wears it, but I couldn’t, it just makes me feel sick when I have to touch it or wear some clothes with those types of buttons, it just feels so disgusting I don’t even know why. Please tell me I’m not alone and weird for this xD

  5. I have a thing with noise. I can’t stand the sound of a crinkling bag, people scraping a plate or the bottom of a bowl, biting the fork, slamming things, styrofoam, smacking lips or making noise when you eat, repetitive tapping like those bad ASMR videos or people typing. It drives me crazy, like panic attack inducing crazy. I know its me so I’ll do my best not to think of it or remove myself.

  6. Lawnmowing is so hot, sweaty, nasty, and painful that I have no idea why anyone does it ever. It should be illegal and neighbors should work together to stop other neighbors from mowing.

    That organizations exist to do the opposite is a crime against nature. All so the Earth in front of you is unnaturally flat, an affront to Providence? Miss me with that mowing shit, dawg.

  7. Smooth Jazz. I get it, it’s technically complex, but so is farting to the tune of Darude Sandstorm.

    Honestly though, I respect and envy anyone who actually enjoys smooth jazz. I wish I could, but it gives me just a little more scoliosis every time I’m stuck in an elevator with it.

  8. Shoes. I don’t get how people don’t feel like their being oppressed by having to wear such a horrible feeling while in public.

    Also being unique/ important. I just want to be a cog in the machine and nothing more.

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