What is something you miss doing from your teenage years?

What is something you miss doing from your teenage years?

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  1. Riding my bike to school and having someone else be responsible for my physical fitness. I’ve never really been fit but certainly better when I had a person/grade attached to it.

  2. Being able to drink 2 bottles of whiskey, and still be aware of the world around me. Nowdays, i ,(22m) get as drunk from half a liter of whiskey, as i used to from a liter and a half when i was 16-17

  3. Everything. Freedom from responsibilities. Being young and healthier. Never really having to make decisions. Childhood friends. Summer vacations. School.

    If I could go back for another round, even if nothing changed, I would in a heartbeat.

  4. Toilet papering and all the truly harmless teenage pranks. Mailboxes were fun but that’s an actual pain in the ass to deal with. I feel bad about those. We did fall victim to several overly reinforced boxes if that makes anyone feel better lol. One of my favorites was filling someone’s yard with stolen political yard signs. Classic

  5. Nothing much, Im basically the same idiot, just that now I am in more debt. I still do drugs, I still drink every wekend, I still have worthless casual sex, I still love to make bad decisions. I am in my early 30s :).

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