What is something you self diagnosed that a doctor confirmed?

What is something you self diagnosed that a doctor confirmed?

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  1. Really coincidental that in 6th grade I had to do a project in science class about a disease and I was randomly selected to this disease called “fifths disease” and like 2 months later I was diagnosed with fifths disease. Not life threatening or anything, just makes your cheeks red.

  2. Peroneal tendon subluxation. Dr. laughed at me for doing internet research and concluded I didn’t have it. I said “no, turn my foot like this.” And he agreed: peroneal tendon subluxation.

  3. When I was young, like 5-6, I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Just couldn’t do it.

    One night I’m laying there, and I can just hear my own heart beat. It sounded word. It wasn’t regular and I could hear it sound funny every once and a while and it freaked me out. After a visit to the doc and getting hooked up to a bunch of monitors for a few days while I went to school, turns out I had a heart murmer

  4. In myself:

    – Heart Murmur
    – Endometriosis

    In others:

    – ADHD in my mother
    – Autism in my father

    I suspect that I also have ADHD/Autism/some mix, but haven’t been tested myself yet. Given my parents though, I’m slightly more sure than I was a few years ago. Dad was diagnosed decades ago, mum only diagnosed last month.

    I didn’t figure out my Coeliac’s disease before a doctor did.

    4 out of 5 so far with two up in the air. Pretty good stats.

  5. I had a series of strange headaches that caused extreme pain and uncontrollable eye watering on the side with the headache, as well as congestion in the nasal cavity on that side.

    I looked it up and the only symptoms that seemed similar was SUNCT/SUNA. The info I found online said I should be having hundreds of these attacks a day, when I was only having them tens of times a week.

    I went to a neurologist who then diagnosed me with SUNCT.

    I still have no idea what triggers them. They seem to happen more in spring and autumn however. Thankfully they have never been as painful as they were when they first started, even though they’re still very painful.

  6. I told the doctor I might have some vision issues and told him I believed I was colorblind. He told me it is very rare for girls to be colorblind and I would know since it meant my dad had to be colorblind. It was a little fulfilling when he realized what was going on and gave me the color blind test ha ha.

    Was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes me to go blind, one of the symptoms being color blindness!

  7. Testicular cancer.

    It’s pretty easy to diagnose, though. The main symptoms suggest either cancer or viral infection, and I was missing all the secondary symptoms that go with the infection.

  8. I dont know if this is just a female thing but….pretty much everything I have ever had? I learned young to get all the info before I make the appointment so they dont just brush me off.

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