What is something you’re willing to admit only to a community of total strangers on the internet?

What is something you’re willing to admit only to a community of total strangers on the internet?

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  1. I had a friend named Charlotte. She was rich, and most of her friends were. I was broke and struggling to find a job. Then she got engaged and asked me to be the maid of honor. I was skeptical because I had a very crappy experience with a bridezilla cousin, but I agreed because she was my friend.

    She was asking me to pay for 3,000 roses (which were about 1,000$) and give 500$ for a stupid luxury wedding dress. I gently reminded her (inside the fitting room) that I couldn’t afford it. She started being bitchy and asked if I even cared about her, blabbering on and on about random bullshit.

    I got pissed off and told her that she was being ungrateful and that I was trying my best, but my financial struggles and keeping my house was more important than some fancy rich lady crap. Then I chucked my red wine at her dress to ruin it, I don’t know why the shop served it.

  2. Whenever I search something on YouTube and I see a little kids video I feel bad so I watch their video about 10 times and a comment really nice things

  3. I fell into stripping, drugs and then prostitution when I was 25, did a terrible job at it felt like k*ll*ng myself everyday for those two years.

    5 years later, I made my first million dollars of clean money, and complete my doctorate,made peace with my family, got therapy, got married and about to have a baby with the love of my life.

  4. My dad said I wasn’t his kid. He is a fucking loser piece of shit that molested my sister.

    But It really hurt because he is my dad and I still love him and i fucking hate myself for still loving him.

  5. I’ve been depressed for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I seriously considered suicide around 10 years ago, but I never actually went through with any attempt. So partly because of never actually attempting anything combined with some poor experiences opening up to people close to me around that time about being depressed and wishing I was dead, I feel like some kind of fake that wasn’t and isn’t “depressed enough”, as dumb as I know that sounds.

  6. I don’t care that my brother and I don’t talk anymore. And the fact that I don’t care makes me angry. I miss him because I love him. But, you skip like 9 Christmases in a row last minute, after we arranged things around your schedule.

    I know you have kids. And that’s tough. But fuck off. It sucks to know we’ll just never be a priority for you

  7. In late December 2018 I cut off my last two friends for being drama queen narcissists with a billion issues. One of them spent two years basically stalking me in order to get back in touch, even though I had him blocked.

    It has been 1,245 days with no friends. I’ve tried to make new friends, but I work alone, so it’s kind of hard.

    I’ve had friends most of my life, so this has been torture.

    If you’ve ever treated a loner like there’s something inherently wrong with them for having no friends, I will fight you lol.

  8. I’m so horny that I actually can’t function. And when I say I can’t function, I mean I can’t function. Sometimes it’s actually painful for me to stand up because of how much my legs shake and because of vaginal cramps. it’s been recognized as a medical issue with me. I have to be on birth control to regulate it and I’m not allowed to do HRT until I notice a viable change.

  9. I want to have sex again but I don’t think I want to kiss anybody unless he’s my real 100% boyfriend. So looks like I’m gonna be waiting a while for a kiss. Sex… I guess I could just go on tinder and find me a man for the evening.. but that idea makes me sad. So I long for my ex to make it all up to me and come back and rescue me from this sexless hell where I want nobody and nobody wants me.

  10. I’m in hell, my life keeps getting worse, no matter what I try to do and make it better; and if things don’t get better soon, I might not be around much longer.

  11. I have no will to live. I’m not suicidal (though I have been), I just have no desire to keep living. I see no value in living, and it makes me feel like something is wrong with me. I don’t hate being alive, just that the infinite nothing that awaits me sounds so comforting.

  12. I’m a 40+ Pansexual white male who has desired breast implants since I was in my teens. Not interest or intent to transition or change genders and no interest in drag or cross dressing.

  13. I pretend that I don’t care about being single, but I really do care. I am jealous of everyone being in relationships to the point it hurts because it makes me think there is something seriously wrong with me.

  14. That in truth I actually love one of my friends. The only reason I don’t ask her out is back during high school I defined the relationship as artificial siblings.

    Half of the school staff thought we were related when we were not. Both of us Acknowledged it and we both agreed to work with it.

  15. I changed a lot in the past five years. I disappeared like a fart in the wind and the host of my body that came out is not the same person who I was. Better or worse, the rider behind the eyes sees the world in a diffeerent filter than back then.

  16. I’m not super independent because I think that’s the right (feminist) way to be, but because whenever I reach out for support I don’t receive it. I’m a sideline figure in my friend group, family, and work place, and if I share a problem it’s just invalidated. I’m in my thirties and have long since learned to be “the hero I deserve” for myself but damn, I’m tired.

  17. I am on the fence on whether or not to move away from where I live, but the thought that I very likely can’t even financially make that choice until I’m over 40 fucking scares me.

    Like, I pretty much hate where I live. The biggest thing I hate is the damn lack of basic resources. There’s only one cop during weekdays between 7am and 10pm. There’s no hospital within 2 hours, and those hours spend driving increases if you actually want a trustworthy hospital. There’s not even a fucking grocery store within 30 minutes. The lack of resources has only gotten worse and worse within the past 5 years. The hope in bringing in new resources is a lost cause because if you don’t suck off the mayor it isn’t happening.

    I’m on the fence about moving away because I worry that the issues I face now will not be any better anywhere else. However, I also feel like in the next 5-10 years I really won’t have a choice, because my area is going under and it is going under fast. The longer time moves on, the more every day life is a fucking struggle. With how (gesturing at everything) things are economically on a national scale, I am also absolutely terrified that I will be trapped and unable to get away when shit finally gives in my area.

  18. I seriously think I have Anti-Social Personality Disorder. I feel little to no emotion on a daily basis and have never really felt any real remorse in my life. I felt nothing when I lost close friends or family members. Don’t worry though, I understand that killing people is not really a good idea.

  19. I’m subscribed to a bunch of kids on YouTube (not totally random kids, they’re my cousins kids or relatives of my friends), they do cereal reviews or unbox kinder surprises or talk about Pokémon Go, kids pretending to be serious YouTubers. When I’m bored I like to comment on their videos.

    I get a lot of shoutouts for being a great fan.

  20. I have been happily married for four years to my girlfriend of 11 years before that, with a baby on the way.

    To this day I still think about my first girlfriend and how I should have treated her differently.

  21. Im always analyzing people and thinking about how to rob them never ever have air-conditioning I will take it and then begin the raid on the rest of the house jk

  22. I’m in love with my friend, but he has a girlfriend and is too old for me. I don’t wanna do anything like tell him because I’d rather just be his friend than create drama, but it’s so painful sometimes

  23. That my friends from highschool are still the closest thing I have to friends even though we talk maximum once or twice a year and they’ve all moved on by now

  24. Alot of girls go for Black dudes for the big reputation. However, lowki, black girls to this day have been the best kissers. Perfect amount of lips, aggression, and tongue. Latinas kinda suck. Like damn, way to disappoint.

  25. I wanted to hang out with friends tonight. I’ll do coke probably once every six months. I got some for tonight (tested it) and I was excited. Everyone bailed. I did a bunch of it alone. And I feel great about it. I’m my own best friend right now!

  26. I think I’m attracted to blood, not in a fetish or serial killer way. I like to stare at myself whenever I get nosebleeds. I fantasize about accidentally getting cut or beat up to be covered in blood.

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