What Is Something You’ve Never Understood?

What Is Something You’ve Never Understood?

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  1. How the rate of inflation and rate of living wage don’t correlate with one another proportionately.
    How every country is in debt with one another.
    How the tories are still in power, and how Boris is still prime minister.
    Why people idly let the country go to shit financially and let the government screw us over by increasing taxes and utility bills while billionaire companies double their profits with the same output of produce as they have in the last decade and noone protests this, instead they bitch about it on social media and let them get away with it

  2. How some people just cant take a hint. Either they have zero perception of other people trying to tell them to fuck off without saying as much, or they just don’t care.

  3. Why some people are so naturally gifted, and others not. Why was, for example, Beethoven so good at writing music? Where did his talent come from? He was flesh, blood and bones like the rest of us.

  4. The “rules” of the french language.

    The “regular” verbs are irregular verbs linked by half a structure based on an exception of an exception… (and no Im not an American)

  5. How the FUCK do people just know the responses to certain things? I didn’t know how to respond to thank you for YEARS because I thought “you’re welcome” sounded to formal, but “no problem” was too casual, or going “mmm” was apparently rude to some people. Or how people know to do things when people are crying or being upset. I’ve never had ANY idea of what was expected of me, so I just sit in the vicinity and watch, or I make/give them something to hold. It’s something, but like I see people have like whole speeches and they’ll cry with them and it’s just wild to me.

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