What is still magical to you?

What is still magical to you?

What do you think?

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  1. The moment an airplane leaves the ground and takes flight. I never get tired of that..

    I know that modern-day flying is tedious, but the very fact that a giant metal aircraft can actually get into the air, and fly us to anywhere in the world is still one of the most amazing things we can ever experience.

  2. Information. As in 1s and 0s.

    Most people don’t realize just how fundamental information is to reality. The whole concept of information was created by one guy and his wife in 1949, for the purpose of amplifying telephone signals.

    People back then soon realized you could apply information theory to everything from physical entropy to animal communication. Now scientists realize it is deeply intertwined with energy. There’s even physicists who argue information is *more* fundamental to reality than energy. Energy can be thought of as a vehicle for information to flow.

    Consider the fact that our DNA is also a kind of binary encoded information using 4 symbols. Our brains, which are information processors, are the most complex objects we know of in the entire universe. We can use information theory to digitize anything we want, from photos, movies, and audio, to 3D models, physics simulations, and and even captured photons used in the Event Horizon Telescope that imaged a black hole.

    This is called the “Information Age” for a reason. Claude E. Shannon and Betty Shannon came up with possibly the most wide reaching idea of all time, that has implications in basically everything humanity does, and even our understanding of the universe itself.

    It’s really amazing stuff.

  3. Automotive transportation and air travel. People take what is basically slow teleportation for granted. It was barely 100 years ago that we were bound to horses and boats. Now you can go 100mph down the highway with ease and nobody seems to care. We can get in a flying bus and go to another country same day and people still complain the airplane seat is too cramped.

  4. Nature. I used to think hiking was boring when I was a kid. Every year I get older it becomes a more wonderful and profound experience. I feel like I’m inhaling life when I walk through the woods.

  5. Snow. Looking up at the sky in the evening as big fluffy flakes fall and gently land on the ground. A fresh blanket covering the earth in the morning making everything sparkle. It’s just a whole different vibe.

  6. Honestly, the whole concept of Santa. It’s very fulfilling to see kids get so excited, not just over their gifts, but the whole routine with the milk/cookies etc.

  7. About once or twice a year I sit down at my desk to start work – and I realize I get to work with a keyboard and mouse all day while someone else is digging ditches or working the drive thru (which I’ve done before)…

    I also then reflect on the fact that I get to choose what I’m working on that day and that I get to work with my brain.

    I deeply hope there are people on the opposite spectrum who really enjoy the physical work they do. Eventually we have to get to a place where we respect all kinds of work and productivity –

  8. Some movies from my childhood are still pretty magical. Mostly stuff from the 90’s. They legitimately take me out of time and into whatever fantasy the movie is about. Especially now that my daughter is old enough to enjoy them with me. We watch some great ones together and she gets so into it! I love it.

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