What is the best completely legal way to annoy your neighbors?

What is the best completely legal way to annoy your neighbors?

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  1. Let your dead tree near the property line just stand there and rot.

    Sit in a lawn chair and stare at everything they do. Maybe pretend to take notes.

    Argue outside at 2AM in another language at a reasonable volume.

    Wait for the wind to blow their way and smoke three or four at once.

    I’m sure it’s one of those…

  2. Take up the violin. In your backyard. It will be torture to the neighbors and completely legal.

    When you pass them on the street, stare at them and say, I know what you did last night.

    For something a little meaner, go over when they’re gone and flip off their circuit breaker, at random times. It’ll drive them nuts. I know that’s not strictly legal, but it’s still funny.

  3. Put up embarrassing signs on your side of the house. Like “This guy snores so loudly, even I can hear it!”. It’s completely legal, and sure will annoy the fuck out of your neighbours.

  4. Im not sure if this is legal but, old people generally have worse hearing than young people so OP if you are old compared to them you can set up some sort of high frequency sound thing in your garden that you wont hear but only they will that will piss them off.

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