What is the best prank you have done to somebody?

What is the best prank you have done to somebody?

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  1. A coworker had a fake plant on her desk. It was our custom to hide it around the office fairly often.

    Once, when she went on vacation for a week, I took it with me when I left work. That week, I drive all over town and took picture of it at various places.

    A hospital, a plant nursery, a GNC, a lingerie store, Target, and so on. Wherever I happened to be, the plant was photographed.

    I returned the plant the day before she returned. And then I waited. For five years.

    None of us worked together anymore by then, but we remained in touch.

    Finally, I set up an email account for the plant and I began to email her the pictures, one at a time, over the course of several months. Eventually I ran out of pictures, and so it ended.

    She would write back, but I never answered. Eventually, I forgot about it. I assumed everyone else did, too.

    But five years after that, we all discovered we’d be in the same city at the same time for the first time in years. So we all got together for some drinks one night.

    Eventually, my coworker asked if we’d please finally tell her who pranked her with the plant so many years ago. We all knew it was one of us. But nobody knew who it was for sure, except me, of course.

    And so after 10 years, I finally admitted it.

  2. I regularly bake stuff for my friends and coworkers. On April 1 I brought in red velvet cake pops with cream cheese icing. Out of the 50 cake pops 10 were meatballs covered in icing.

  3. Added a couple good sized rocks to a friend’s panniers during a bike tour on a day we were going uphill all day. He was faster than me so it worked well to slow him down a little.

  4. A guy had to come into work at 3am for about 30 minutes. I set a schedule on my PC to play a scary ghost noise at 3:15am. Apparently he was really freaked out by it.

  5. I hide my partners phone she literally searching for it for couple of minutes. I literally bought her a new phone so I let her find the new phone after she finds the new phone she really likes it. Soon I reveal that I hide it. But I guess she doesn’t care about her old phone

  6. At the hospital and working in scrubs all day, my bud decided to prank me by shooting my pants with a 10cc syringe of water so it looked like I dribbled pee down my leg. Haha, very funny. Dried in 15 minutes. But, to return the favor, I filled a 10 cc syringe with baby oil and let him have a squirt. Six hours later at the end of shift he was still explaining to people he didn’t dribble, it was non-drying oil stains.

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