What is the best revenge you ever took on someone?

What is the best revenge you ever took on someone?

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  1. My ex of two years cheated on me and when I kicked him out he forgot to take tons of administration from his job he was responsible for with him (containing private information of hundreds of people, he worked in healthcare). I gave him a month to pick it up which he didn’t, so then I took photos of all those documents and sent them to his boss, getting him fired and seriously hampering any future employment capabilities.

  2. My parents said that if I dropped out of college and stopped relying on their money I’d be homeless in a months time. 8 years later I live in the nicest part of town with an easy job and a much better life. If I would have stayed in college I would have most likely committed suicide.

  3. Fast revenge is good revenge. When we were kids my sister pushed a whole raw egg into my mouth while we were fighting. I threw up and pushed that into her mouth. Justice done.

  4. I was living by myself and I shot and killed someone who broke into my house.

    I live on a rural property so no one heard the gun.

    I disposed of their body.

    This was 15 years ago.

    They are still listed as a missing person.

    This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it.

  5. Shoved shredded shrimp and tuna into the air ducts and tiny nooks and crannies of a jeep and asshole owned as a kid because he wouldn’t turn his music the hell off. Ever. Just full blast. Dawn till dusk. Nothing but pop rock.

  6. A friend at university often kept me up at night with his loud one night stands. Most of the house were always asleep already but I used to keep pretty irregular hours. Anyway, my friend and his friend of the evening would come in, and I would usually be in the living room having a wee drink and / or smoke and watching a film or listening to music. They would often fancy a smoke too, but he was usually a bit too drunk / lazy to skin up himself, so would ask me too. No biggie, happy to do it. But one evening my friend and his friend came in, and I thought, he’s done this a few times recently and I’m getting a bit tired of it, I just want some undisturbed kip and soon. So when he asked me to skin up, I did, rather generously. They were in no condition for canoodling. I slept well.

  7. When we were teenagers and getting drunk one guy ordered a pizza from a public phone to his house and met the delivery guy out side his house (obviously didn’t want his parents to know he was drunk). We were walking to a party a few miles away. He was being a dick about not sharing the pizza. He wouldn’t give me a slice even though I had got my older brother to buy the beer. Going through a park he handed me the box. I opened it and it was empty. I told him go fuck himself and handed the empty box back. He was “no it is a present, it is your box now” and would not take it back. Instead of legally dumping it I carried it past all the bins and in the middle of the park left it on a big no dumping sign. There was a big anti litter clampdown and people were getting fined for littering. At the party he was telling everyone how stupid I was for carrying the box for miles instead of putting in a bin. The look on his face when I reminded him that his name and address was on the box which I left on a no dumping sign that also said how much you would be fined was priceless.

  8. I live in an apartment with 2 other people that have been dating for 3 years. They refuse to wash the dishes and we have shared bathroom so I wanked into their body wash bottle. Every time they have sex he wears a condom and now the girl is pregnant. There are only 2 tiny problems, they are both white and we have 13 months left on the lease. What are the odds I’m the dad.

  9. I forced my old bully eat my cum for 2 years straight. He asked for my lunch, I’d say I needed salt, run to the bathroom and fap on it, he ate it with a cheeky smile, and I never told him.

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