What is the best thing about being an adult?

What is the best thing about being an adult?

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  1. Basically, you can do whatever the fuck you want within reason. Your friend is throwing a party, but will that guy be there? Don’t bother going. Not like when your parents would drag you everywhere and you had no choice! The same can be said for holidays, family gatherings, and so on. You don’t want to go to work or school? Simply do not go! Nobody MAKES you do anything these days. Of course, these decisions have consequences…that’s the other side of the coin, and one of the drawbacks of adulthood – no one protects you from the consequences, either.

  2. Being able to wear a suit and not get a “ohhhh he looks so cute in his little suit, oh such grown up big boy now” from adults around you. It’s such a minor thing I know but just makes a difference not being mocked by older people around you when putting a suit on.

  3. I don’t follow orders, I do what I want. If my parents and family don’t like it, they can STFU and GTFO of my life. I will never cut my hair or go out on a date no matter what. They can’t stop me. Nobody can stop me.

  4. You can theoretically win a fight against an entire army of toddlers. You’re like a giant to them and can probably destroy several toddlers with one hit. Especially if you max out your AOE and DPS skills you can even try to speedrun the battle.

  5. If you have the financial means not to, you don’t need to live with your parents. Generational differences, outlooks on life, priorities and obligations are likely to be very different for many people.

  6. Having the freedom to do what you want. Want to go to a friends house? Ok go. Want to go to the store? Ok go. Want to sleep? Go to sleep. Want to cook! Go ahead..

    I own my own house. Having the ability to do what I want is great. Nobody to tell me no.

  7. Not a fucking thing . I guess there are some perks but none worth bragging about once you hit 21 first life experiences those are all gone I guess I mean the ones that young adults look forward too are gone and the responsibility of being an adult now takes full effect so the excuses that a kid would get away with no longer apply to you .

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