What is the best video game experience(s) you have ever had?

What is the best video game experience(s) you have ever had?

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  1. Figured I would share some throughout my life lol.

    Final Fantasy VII – I was in 7th grade I believe and it was my first time playing a game where I developed some sort of emotional attachment too or real need to beat.

    Starsiege Tribes (Demo) – The 1998 online multiplayer game of the year… but the demo verison. It was available via disk in gaming magazines and it was a fully functional first person shooter with only 1 map. This demo had a competetive scene all player driven. The actual release was good as well but the community etc for that demo… never seen anything like it.

    Samu Games Artifact – A perpetual world RTS with clan and alliance system in the late 90s. Imagine medieval RTS played by people all over the world on massive maps where games take upto a week. Going to sleep having some guy from Italy kill you in your sleep. Having to make alliances/clans out of people from different time zones to make sure you had “euro coverage”

    Diablo II – Was fun made extra cash to build my first gaming computer selling torches/runes on ebay.

    World of Warcraft (up to wotlk) – I graduated in 2003 played through wrath ran a 900 person guild mostly… like a simulation setting up raid groups and city raids pvp events all kinds of neat stuff barely raiding etc myself was almost like a business.

    League of Legends – MOBA very competitive first game I was really a working adult during was nice to come home and meet up with friends I made over the years gaming from different parts of the world.

    Ark – Purely pvp player. Started with only people from work. Server invasions, looking for alpha tribes to fight, politics, breeding lots of fun.

    Im an old man now with 4 kids dont really have anything/time to play.

  2. Playing/becoming obsessed with World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and dark souls when I was younger with all my friends for the first time. Same with Skyrim and many, many more. Just being that excited to get into a video game and spending hours and hours talking and thinking about what the next move was.

  3. The game of RAGE by ID Software is by far the best FPS expierence I’ve ever had, I still look at walk thru’s on YouTube. It’s too short a game. So few missions.

  4. When I was 13, I rented Chrono Trigger. I was completely absorbed into the story and everything else in my life didn’t matter. I wish I could experience that again.

  5. For me it was in the first Dying Light.

    Later on in the game during the skyscraper mission when it’s just you and a flashlight, and also the faint sound of a baby crying somewhere. That moment culminating in >!zombie baby screaming at you and summoning the horde!< has stuck w me for years lmfao.

    Shit had me puckered

  6. Bioshock 4 lyfe

    Back in college I had the apartment to myself while my roommates went home for Christmas. I only ever played innocent Zelda games before, but wanted to try Bioshock. My friend said “don’t play it at night in the dark, it will scare the living shit out of you.”

    Played it at night, alone, in the dark. Scared the living shit out of me. Splicers gave me a goddamn heart attack 2 minutes in.

    10/10 would relive that moment again

  7. Playing SNES and Super Mario World for the first time. The graphics, the open world. Just mind boggling as a kid. Same kinda experience with N64 and Mario 64.

    Metal Gear Solid and the intensity of the opening with the controller rumbling.

    The emotion of FFVII, from realizing Midgar was just a tiny part of a huge world and getting to the final battle with Sephiroth and avenging Aerith.

    Experiencing the freedom to explore and thrill of pure mayhem in GTA (3?) for PS2.

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