What is the best way to get revenge?

What is the best way to get revenge?

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  1. Depends on the context really. Did they hurt your feelings? Did they kill a loved one? Did they add onions to your dish when you specifically asked them not to?

  2. Ignore them and live your life.. like the Simpsons said “just don’t look, just don’t look”
    It’s the only way to beat those giant billboard/sign monsters

  3. By not getting revenge.

    If someone’s done you wrong and it’s undeserving those kinds of people get what they deserve sooner or later.

    A man was really horrible to me threatening me and all that recently. Then I found out he was attacked by and hurt badly.

    It’ll come.

  4. act like you don’t care, then *don’t* care, work on yourself emotionally, heal, reflect, and become a better person and regain the self confidence you lost. move on. it’s not easy, but the pay off is worth much more than the effort it takes to recover. the person who wronged you will probably writhe in anguish as they watch you slowly rework yourself- and genuinely become troubled. trust me, it works. and it’s the most hilarious thing ever. they literally show signs of anxiety and stress when and only when *you show to others you are happy and have moved on*. from that point, you can either just carry on with your life, or if that person is in your life still you could always inform others about your experience with them. it’s up to them to believe you or not, but more likely with your sincerity and logical evidence, they’ll believe you and the person who tried to play you ends up the fool. don’t be salty, because that means you still need to work on yourself. explain your experience/s objectively as if you have observed it happening rather than being in the direct line of fire. i’ve done this, too, for the sake of the people around them to know their true nature, and although they still interact with the people that have tried to screw me up long term, they keep this in mind, which is the point.

  5. “Revenge is a fool’s game”

    -Arthur Morgan

    “Revenge is like a poison. It can take you over and before you know it, turn you into something ugly.”

    -May Parker

  6. Getting therapy to help you spend your energy making your life better. I’m being cheeky.

    Perhaps you might find that confronting the person, while in a group of peers, stating what they did and that you would get revenge if you were as petty as them?

    revenge can be disappointing in my experience

  7. Act like the revenge could come anytime, anywhere. It could be from the guy coming towards you on the sidewalk, could happen when you sit down at your desk, or when you are just about to fall asleep at night. The constant worry and anxiety about when, where and how will eat them up inside. To keep it up though, you’ve got to have a bunch of false starts.

  8. Make a fake contest , tell them to text the answer to the persons number

    Then make the question around what word you want people to send to them

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