What is the best way to reheat pizza?

What is the best way to reheat pizza?

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  1. The oven, but you have to put it in while it’s heating up, probably to 350 or 400 and then take it out when it’s done heating or a couple minutes after or it will burn. Probably only need to put it on some foil!

  2. Cast iron skillet by far. Heat it like a pizza oven, put foil or a lid over it. Takes 10-15 mins but ts like oven fresh and crust is crisp but not burnt because that pan is thicc! No more soggy microwave pizza for me

  3. Sandwich press (top hotplate suspended close above the pizza without touching) – bonus points for inverting a second slice on top of the first and making a pizza sandwich with lovely crunchy crusts and a gooey melted cheese inside.

  4. Regular toaster.

    put the toaster on its side on the counter, pizza goes in flat with cheese side up. Put your plate at the edge of the toaster, when it pops “up” it just comes right out onto your plate. Fast, crispy, perfect.

  5. 1. Preheat over to 375
    2. Line a tray with foil and pop it in the oven WITHOUT the pizza
    3. Once tray is hot, put pizza on it and back in the oven
    4. Leave about 10 mins but check after 7!

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