What is the biggest mystery from your life that drives you crazy because you will likely never learn the explanation?

What is the biggest mystery from your life that drives you crazy because you will likely never learn the explanation?

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  1. My great grand uncle was a very talented illustrator. In the early 20th century he made illustrations for newspapers and magazines…quite lucrative. When cameras became ubiquitous all the work dried up.

    He lived out his days in my great grandmother’s house. He was a hoarder and never had a wife. He may have been homosexual. One day there was a “gas leak” on his floor in the building and he died from asphyxiation. In my mind there’s good chance he killed himself, but that generation would never talk about such things.

  2. My mother in law was vacationing in Poland. I saw a daily mail headline about Jennifer Lopez being in Poland and clicked on it. In an absurd coincidence my MIL was in the background of the photo of JLO in Poland. I later learned my MIL had no idea she was around JLO. Not exactly a mystery but an extremely bizarre coincidence.

  3. Why do I have dark eyes and hair, and olive colored skin while the rest of my family has blonde hair and blue or green eyes? We all did DNA tests so I know the DNA is accurate. No other why I’m singled out for a darker complexion. I have one grandparent with brown eyes, but otherwise all blonde and blue eyed.

  4. What my ex was actually doing when she was going to Tijuana every other weekend as a college girl (long before I met her).

    Like I could make a couple of decent guesses, and it’s not that big of a deal, but she went to so much effort to hide it now I’m burning up with curiosity. We’re not even together anymore and I still wonder.

  5. I learned in my 30’s I was sperm donor conceived after I dna tested for “fun.” I was able to confirm everything through my biological father and sperm donor half siblings, but I really want to know if my now deceased father who raised me knew about the donor sperm and me (and my 100% sibling) not being his biological kid.

    Most couples using donor sperm in the 1980s understood what they were doing, but some lived in denial because doctors did shit like (supposedly) mixing donor sperm with social father sperm so, “no one would know for sure” and outright telling parents to lie.

    Also, my mother is conniving, so she could have used donor sperm twice behind my dad’s back. She refuses to talk to me about the donor sperm and I can’t trust her to be honest with me, so I will never know the truth.

  6. I had a priceless heirloom stolen out of my house in 2016. I’d give anything to know who did that, who took it, and how I can get it back. It’s significant enough that I have been lying to my grandmother about it, which really breaks my heart.

  7. Where is Alexander the Great actually buried. Like someone that famous dies and yet no one could accurately say where he was entombed. Like even the pharaohs of Egypt could be found (mostly) even if there was nothing left, because of grave robbers.

  8. What chance did I have of actually coming into existence? From all the sperm my dad injected into my mom’s pussy, how did my consciousness get to be borne?

  9. My Hey You Pikachu was stolen in 7th grade and I’m pretty sure one of 3 people stole it and to cover my bases I made all 3 of their lives miserable for the rest of the school year but I wish I knew who did it so I could have honed my torture to just one person and really focus my efforts to them instead of spreading myself so thin.

    It was probably Tam.

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