What is the biggest myth you learned in school that has now been disproven?

What is the biggest myth you learned in school that has now been disproven?

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  1. That all the kids who weren’t college bound would have less fulfilling and successful lives, and all the kids who did go would be successful. In a lot of cases, the opposite proved to be true.

  2. “you can become anything you want”

    No Sheila, I can’t. I can’t become president just like everyone else, there can be only one. I’m just not smart enough to cure aids, WHICH IS DONE ONLY ONCE, SHEILA. SOMETIMES LIFE ISNT FAIR, IT JUST IS, SHEILA.

  3. Mine is that your tongue has specific areas that taste only specific flavors. Like there was a spot on your tongue that only tasted sweet, one that only taste salty, one that only tasted bitter, etc

  4. If I remember correctly, when I was in school in the 70’s, they were talking about an ice age coming down the road. Yeah, that barking up the wrong thermometer.

  5. That if you don’t get an education you’re gonna spend your life asking, “Do you want fries with that?” And a third of those teachers are now doing that part time

  6. This is super specific but i had a biology teacher who told us the human genome was so complicated that they’d never be able to map it and then they did like… 3 years later.

  7. That you can only be happy with friends, and that settling for a literal bully is better than being alone.

    Yeah lol whatever cut all the ties every last one of them, it’s amazing how far one can go without a ball and chain on all their limbs


  8. Not in school but during my highschool years I was always told that we were depressed because we had a imbalance of serotonin in our brain.

    Pretty sure a study came out this year disproving all of that

  9. I was taught several times that christopher columbus proved the earth was round. in fifth grade I was told he thought the world was shaped like an egg.

    At least as long as plutarch the european world knew the world was round.

  10. Went to a science fair thing once where we learned about shiny new-fangled Compact Disks! They told us how amazing they were and how they’d still play even if you smeared the top surface with jam (they might even have demonstrated it). It was years later that I worked out what a load of bollocks that was as the laser reads the bottom of the disk.

  11. One that really grinds my gears, not because of its significance but because the “myth” is still applied in Amy scientific fields: Bohr’s model of atoms. The one with the shells and s, d, p orbitals and how the atom would like to have each shell full but for whatever fucking reason there’s only two in s but 6 in d and p and so on.
    Its wrong, but still widely used.

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