What is the craziest thing someone confessed to you?

What is the craziest thing someone confessed to you?

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  1. A friend of mine went to Cuba for vacation when we were 16 and did not come back till he was 19. He rarely spoke about it. But now in our late twenties he told me that a drunk biker suddenly overtook him while he was driving a dark road and ended up getting hit by said friend’s car. He was killed and my friend had to stay in Cuba during which time the family of the drunk driver made multiple death threats and an attempt to kidnap him.

    So he came back to America and works his parents successful pharmacy.

    Only a few of us close friends know that he killed someone and he was the only there to witness it.

  2. Everyone thinks her father died because he had a heart attack in his sleep. The real reason is because he was doing drugs with his mistress and overdosed. The mistress left him for dead and his daughter found him.

  3. The craziest thing about it was I really barely knew the guy. We regularly played poker in the same pub every week but I only really knew his name and that he was a law student.

    During a cigarette break he admitted he had inherited over £100k from his grandad to help him pay for university and in future get a house. He told me he had gambled literally all of it away in 6 months. No one in his family had any idea.

    He juat blurted this out when I complained about a bit of bad luck I had just had in the poker game.

  4. I was 19, in my first day at my first job in my first summer back from uni. I was asked to work overtime on a different department and being a poor student thought “yeah, why not, picking and packing in a warehouse is not hard”.

    I was working with this lady who I would have guessed was in her 40s at the time, we were chatting and working, it was fine. She asked what I was studying, I told her Psychology, and then she proceeded to tell me all about how she was sexually abused as a child.

  5. i posted this earlier yesterday because it fitted the thread but its fits here again so i’ll just copy paste it

    in high school i had a buddy who told me one day he caught his sister (not step sis but actual sis) masturbate, he went in and told her her moans made him hard and they had unprotected sex.

    i saw it on his face there was more he wanted to tell me but i just couldnt i told him to stop and never bring this topic up ever again

  6. My cousin got really drunk and told me that she used to molest me when I was a child. Must have repressed the memories because I don’t remember that at all.

  7. I knew my bosses girlfriend quite well, she used to tell me about the kind of sex he was into, I didn’t even want to know to be honest, lost complete respect for him after some of the shit she told me

  8. An ex friend told me how his father was a scientist and experimented on him all while physically, emotionally and sexually abusing him. He had a lot of issues so I don’t doubt the truth of it.

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