What is the creepiest thing you’ve ever experienced in your home?

What is the creepiest thing you’ve ever experienced in your home?

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  1. Me and my wife rented a nice little single-wide mobile home in a clearing in the woods, well away from any other homes. Nice and quiet – UNTIL! One night we were awakened by someone banging on the door just outside the bedroom. I was sure that whoever it was, wanted us to know that they meant business. (Shortly after we moved into the place, a van came up our driveway in broad daylight, backed up to our place, and fired four shots into our little place, and then sped away). There was no “back” door that I could sneak out of, and surprise whoever it was, both doors being on the front of the place. I got a powerful flashlight, and a baseball bat (WHY didn’t I own a shotgun???). I flung the front sliding glass door open, trying to be ready for whoever was banging at the other door, just about 12 feet away. To my utter shock – there was no one at the other door, but still the banging persisted. I don’t believe in ghosts, so I was really scared now. seeing that there was no one at the door, I figured I could go out and around the back of our mobile home, and try to see why someone was banging on the thin aluminum back door, but they were “invisible”! I was really terrified by the time I got around the end of the place, where I was quite close to the door. The banging had stopped – then started up again while I had my light on the door and the few wood steps leading up to the door. Then I got curious enough to take a closer look. Down below the wood steps, a skunk had got stuck between the plywood backing behind the back of the steps, and the sheet aluminum skirting under the place. With only a couple inches of space, the skunk was kicking at the aluminum skirting, which echoed up through the aluminum door above the steps. I had to pull the steps away from the skirting to allow the skunk to depart in peace.

  2. I was awakened around 3am by my dog barking frantically. I went to find him and he was standing in the kitchen, outside the door leading to the basement. I peered through the window top of the door and didn’t see anything but he was going crazy, jumping against the door. I managed to open the door, go through and close it again quickly, so he couldn’t get out. I flipped on the light and tried the door handle that led to the back patio. It was still locked, which made me feel somewhat better. So I slowly crept down the stairs, barefoot and wearing only a T-shirt, and flipped on the light at the foot of the stairway. Two masked pair of round eyes stared up at me. I froze. There was one large, over-fed raccoon sitting on top of a dresser, eating cat food from a bowl I kept there for my cat. A smaller raccoon watched me me from atop a bookcase. I realized that I must have forgotten to put the panel in the doggie door that led outside and these guys decided to come in and investigate. What I did next came naturally, but people have told me since that it was rather foolish. I clapped my hands and shouted, “Out, get out now!” While I was still standing at the foot of the stairs both ‘coons jumped down from their perches and obediently climbed back up the stairs and exited through the doggie door. Shaking like a leaf, I pushed the panel back into the opening and never again left it out after dark.

  3. It’s not like, an extremely creepy thing but still. I was living with my mom and stepdad when it happened and that day, they were out, so I had to look after the cat.

    At some point, I’m in the living room and the cat is at the bottom of the staircase, staring at the door as if he saw something.

    Now before I explain what happened, the door was locked and we have a curtain in front of it, literally no one can knock on the door or even reach it.

    So I asked the cat “something’s up there?” he stared at me and I suddenly heard the doorknob, like someone was forcibly trying to open it, and it came from inside of the house — it couldn’t come from outside.

    I stayed there, frozen, looking at the door, and then decided to go back to my room and wait for my mom and stepdad to be back.

    It’s the only time it ever happened to me.

  4. Before I tell the story, I need to explain a few things: I’m in a wheelchair and the layout of the part of the house in the story.

    The original four-room house was built about 1890–1900, with wooden floors and soaring ceilings. A previous owner built an extension at the back, adding a small bathroom, entrance room, and an extra bedroom with tile floors.

    I went to feed my Indian Ringnecks in their aviary and went back into the house. Going through the door, I had to turn around to close either the security gate or the door, which took all of two seconds. As I turned around, two men were standing at the door I had just come through. They started getting verbal but not physically threatening. At one point, they forced me to move back so they could get in. One slammed his flat hand into my chest and asked, ‘’how are you?’’ to accomplish it. Naturally, I moved out of the way, and they stepped forward. As they walked into the house (only about one or two steps), they glanced into the kitchen to their left. My mom and our housekeeper were in the kitchen with the housekeeper on her knees polishing the wooden floors. They glanced at the housekeeper, turned around, and left without a word. All I could get out was, ‘’what do you want?’’ They vanished around the corner, so I locked the gate and went to ask my mom ‘’Didn’t you two notice any of that?’’ The response was, ‘’any of what?’’ I told her and the housekeeper what happened right under their noses, and that’s when the shock hit me. Left me rattled for a few days. Afterward, we called the neighborhood watch, and they could track footprints to where the intruders entered and left the yard.

    The only logical explanation I have for their sudden departure is that they recognized the housekeeper so she could point them out in a line-up.

    Whatever squad of guardian angels watched my back that day did an outstanding job. I’m thankful every moment since that except for that one who slammed a hand into my chest they didn’t physically threaten me.

  5. saw someone staring at me in the corner in the middle of the night when I lived at my mom’s house, turned on the light and they were gone, haven’t seen anything after that, even when I moved to my own place

  6. Technically nothing, but lately I’ve been getting extreme feelings that someone is behind me, watching me. So much so I set a mirror up to glance at, to see behind me quickly. Checked whole house and all doors/windows locked… nobody in attic, no windows to see through, nothing. Still… this feeling is strong enough that I sometimes go the the smallest room in the house and sit with a barricaded door and my back to the corner while I watch YouTube. It’s the only time I don’t have that feeling, because I can see the whole room while watching stuff.

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