What is the dumbest conspiracy theory in your opinion?

What is the dumbest conspiracy theory in your opinion?

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  1. That the ‘Illuminati’ or whoever communicate through hidden messages in movies, shows, music, etc. How the hell does that make any sense? If a group is going to commit some world-altering event, why the hell would they leave little hints and clues for everybody to see, *just because*? Can’t they just call or e-mail each other?

  2. The Faked Moon Landing. It’s been disproven countless times by hundreds of different angles and people still think we didn’t send people to the moon.

  3. I do not know exactly what it is called, but there are people who believe that the Moon does not exist. They believe that the moon is the light reflected from the sun.

  4. The Sandy Hook shooting, Pizzagate, Trump won the election, that the Twins Towers were hollow and that’s why they fell so quickly. The list goes on and on. Which is really sad, because it takes away from conspiracies that very probably happened. JFK for example.

  5. UFO hoaxes. People actually believe that for hundreds of years, thousands of people across countries and cultures have performed elaborate photo doctoring, video production, synchronizing stories, etc, all to produce the impression that alien spacecraft are in our atmosphere.

    And the motive for the most vast conspiracy in human history? “Attention”. According to conspiracy theorists, the motive for all this elaborate UFO hoaxing is … to get attention.

    Ridiculous. Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that thousands of photographs and videos were faked with hollywood-level quality by people in their basements, for the lulz. And this whole effort was coordinated, before the internet, apparently using some kind of medium that leaves no trace. There are zero documents showing collusion on this project, but conspiracy theorists believe it’s all synchronized by sleeper cells across the planet.

  6. The idea that Seth Rich, an application developer with no access to system data, hacked into the DNC servers and/or broke into the data center where they’re housed without leaving records, decided to copy emails, strategy documents, and other memos onto a thumb drive, hand it off to Wikileaks, and only then was killed to like… I don’t know? Silence him after he already gave the materials away?

  7. I have one that is even dumber than Flat Earth.

    Concave Earth or Hollow Earth, one of the more prominent proponents was Lord Steven Christ (look him, the dude is nuts. I believe he’s in a mental institution for threatening to kill the president of the United States).

    These fuckers believe that the Earth surrounds the solar system, meaning that the sun is in the middle of the Earth.

  8. The one where people actually waited in Dallas for about a month in hope that JFK Jr. actually didn’t die and will return just to reinstate Donald Trump as the POTUS.

  9. Soy consumption lowers testosterone in men and makes them weak and depressed. The promotion of soy products is a left wing conspiracy to make men less masculine and more likely to agree with their policies. Or something.

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