What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever received hate for?

What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever received hate for?

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  1. For talking to a guy I met on a dating site not knowing he was in a relationship.

    Dude was messaging me on a dating app, we met up and he seemed cool. We hung out once, he wasn’t my type and we parted on good terms and then his fiancé called me.

    I said I was sorry, I had no idea. I stopped talking to the guy instantly but I still faced 6-8 months of harassment from this woman and her friends. Threats of rape, I got told I wouldn’t live to see my next birthday, I got told I was fat and a slut, they called me non stop they said that they knew where I lived, where I went to uni.. I even got threats on my blog that I had set up for uni. It was intense. I ended up getting the police involved.

    From what I know she stayed with him but somehow I was in the wrong even though I had no idea she existed. He did nothing wrong, it was all me…fucking ridiculous.

  2. Recently on Reddit, i got slammed for saying that the public burning of the bodies of terrorists was not appropriate and wouldn’t be a deterrent to future acts of violence.

  3. When I was twelve there was this really racist and homophobic kid who called me “el chapo” ,”coke man” (as in the drug), “wall hopper”, and more terms I would rather not say.

    So one day I had enough of this racist bullshit, and went ballistic on this guy, yelled “you fucking nazi” as loud as I could in his face, and other stuff looking back I regret saying a little bit.

    Week after I’m at school and everyone other than my small friend circle gives me angry looks and pick on me more. Took me 2 days to realize I was getting hate for standing up to a racist

    TL;DR Got hate for standing up to a racist

  4. Earlier on instagram there post which threaded multiple instances where queer women were harassed by str8 cis men. I made a really nasty also, quite rhetorical comment which took dogs at the privelege str8 cis men on the daily. In return, I got attacked brutally online by these str8 cis men and hurled homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic jokes at me. It really took a jab at my mental health. It took me days to recover from that incodent

  5. Getting the side eye for holding my gfs hand in public (we’re interracial).

    It’s just so silly. It wasn’t even someone of our races being all “stop stealing our people.” It was another minority!

  6. Lately, being too helpful and accommodating to others as a manager. Apparently, some of my employees don’t respect that about me, so that’s not cool

  7. My ex-wife made up a bogus DV claim in order to help her case in family court when she decided she wanted a divorce and fully custody of the children. The police issued a 2 week temporary restraining order based on her say-so and pointed out to me that they didn’t actually require any evidence and that nothing I had to say mattered. She then went around to all of our friends/neighbours and perpetuated this made-up nonsense, using the existence of the temporary order to add credibility to things. Obviously when this went to court the judge immediately tossed it out due to a lack of any actual evidence, but by then the damage was done and everyone believed I was a wife beater. Out of about 20 people or so, only 1 thought this sounded a bit strange and contacted me to figure out what had happened, but he’s since been barred from communicating with me by his wife who chooses to believe my ex instead. She really took this made-up victim thing to the extreme, even going so far as to go on a government-funded wellness retreat for survivors of abuse.

  8. For correcting the answers on a bar trivia quiz. Friend who invited me had two friends who were getting all the answers wrong, so I was correcting them and getting them right. I guess that was me coming off as an asshole. The questions were about sports, and that was specifically why my friend invited me. I dropped him after that.

  9. I’ve gotten hate from my classmates several times because I made references to ongoing jokes in class. It’s like when others say it it’s fine, but when I say THE EXACT SAME THING then it’s somehow offensive.
    I think it has to do with the fact that I didn’t really socialize much in class so people didn’t trust me and the things I said.

  10. Just being a nice person. Literally, this is what life is at this point. If you’re a jackass, you’re cool. If you’re actually socially acceptable, you’re not only a target for people to mess with you, you’re considered ‘not cool’.

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