What is the first show you ever binge watched?

What is the first show you ever binge watched?

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  1. Before streaming, I had chronicled every cable channel that showed The Simpsons, and could successfully watch The Simpsons from the time I got home from school, to when I went to bed.

  2. Friends.

    It was 2001, and I don’t think I’d ever seen the show properly before then (just a couple of episodes in the background). There were around 6 seasons available. I was in a low mood and after seeing a couple of episodes on TV decided that would be my comfort show.

    I think each DVD had six episodes on it. Over the course of a couple of months, I stopped in after work most days at the shop and bought the next DVD and watched it that evening.

    That was incredibly expensive compared to just streaming binges now, it was GBP 20 for each disc of six episodes.

  3. CSI.

    Spike used to have marathons, and I would watch them live and also record them if I couldn’t watch them live. So I grew up watching like ten episodes of CSI on the weekends.

  4. That I can remember, Medabots. I saw the first episode when I was a little kid. It took me over a decade to find the name, and then it wasn’t long until I saw every episode.

  5. Lost. I was a 15 year old kid on Christmas break and spent that entire time binging through seasons 1, 2 and the first six episodes of season 3. What a time that was!

  6. I guess it counted as binge watching. When I was a kid, there was a channel that would air back-to-back repeats of Power Rangers, starting at MMPR and going all the way to Time Force, in order, for about 2 hours starting around 4 AM, so about 6-8 episodes each day, barely any ad breaks. And when I was about 8, I got into a habit of getting up really early to do the homework I told my parents I didn’t have the previous day, and when I was done, instead of going to bed, I would watch that block of Power Rangers until it was time for me to have got up and have breakfast.

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