What is the first thing you would buy if you had infinite money?

What is the first thing you would buy if you had infinite money?

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  1. My dream house, then security probably to keep me and my house safe. Then I would donate huge amount to charity and to my family. And of course to streamers because it’s my money and why the f not after all.

  2. I’d pay off student loans, pay off poverty, all that stuff. Also, I’d probably buy disney and then pay each company that they absorbed so they can exist separately

  3. I would distribute it all evenly so that it’s literally worthless

    I would expect this to collapse the economy but what do i know, I’m not an economist

  4. Since I’m too lazy to look for a house probably sick sound systems. For me, my friends, my parents and anyone I visit cause I don’t want to hear bad quality music again.

  5. Land. Just….. a huge chunk of land. Build a house for my parents, one for us, and one for my In-Laws and another small house for family to stay at when they come visit. Maybe two. We gots a big family.

    And then just spend my time building my farm.

  6. I like the idea of a huge chunk of land and a house on it that’s just for me and the fam, but I want to travel too. So, after I pay off student loans, car notes, etc… I guess live the life of leisure?

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