What is the most controversial thing you believe?

What is the most controversial thing you believe?

What do you think?

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  1. People are individuals and not just homogenous groups.

    This is an extremely unpopular opinion here in North America in my few years here it’s just gotten even more controversial to believe anyone, especially “the other side” are still humans with the same worries and fears just manifest differently

  2. That nobody deserves to die, no one. Everyone should have a chance to continue living and potentially do good with their lives. Death is not a punishment, it is an escape from justice and penance.

  3. I am pro-choice. Can’t say I’d ever opt for one in my relationship, but that has zero bearing on a uterus-having individual’s right to choose.

    I don’t know when life begins, but I know that abortion is a necessity.

    Edit: this was supposed to be a reply but I guess it probably stands on its own, too.

  4. I don’t believe in most identity politics. Its so anecdotal and misleading. Race doesn’t matter, religion doesn’t matter, etc. In other words, I don’t think racism, sexism, ageism, etc are actually big societal issues. I think they’re made out to be that way in the media because its controversial and thats what makes the news money (ie clickbait ad revenue).

  5. that love is false, its the “perception of usefulness” being dressed up and pimped out to the masses in a way that blinds them with hope instead of showing them how the world operates.

  6. I believe that humans are inherently dark. We have only been tamed by the modern age. Look back in history. The first thing that comes to mind is the Roman Collesium, slaves forced to fight to the death, tortures, bulls trained to rape women to death (Yes, that was a thing, it was a profession). There was this woman, can’t remember her name, they nicknamed her “Madam Dracula”. She would invite children from peasant families to teach them about etiquette and stuff. Instead she tortured and killed them. The Spartians lived for war. Killing children with even the smallest defect that would inhibit them in a life of war. Anywhere where a government is weak, gangs rule with brutality and depravity. I once saw a video of a man, now he was already dead mind you, having his brains being scooped out by a horde of “men” with their bare hands. Another of a child who was bullied into suicide and hung herself, and monsters fettishizing it in the comments. She was thirteen. We are a cancer on this planet, I mean we have the means to wipe out all life on it, tell me we are good for this plant. Tell me. We have enough nukes to make this rock incapable for hosting any life for centuries. But we don’t want to admit it.

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