What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

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  1. My sister had gotten married and her husband’s family invited us to have thanksgiving with their grandma. I don’t know if grandma had really slipped recently, or what. We got there and the house smelled like turkey cooking. “Oh, turkey smells good!” we said. She explained that we weren’t having turkey, but chicken.

    Ok, fine, roast chicken is always nice.

    But it wasn’t roast. It was a boiled whole chicken. Boiled for a good long time. It came out like a plate of grey bones with clumps of that scum that forms when you boil chicken all over it.

    Even grandpa looked stunned. “Well, goddam, Myrtle,” he said.

    Then there were homemade noodles, each as thick as a pinky finger and doughy and pasty as hell. I could not choke more than one down.

    I moved food around on my plate and ate a biscuit and a glass of milk. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love my vuyna, so I’ve never learned to tell her no. Every time I go to hers, she demands I eat. One time she had drob sarma made. It wasn’t disgusting but its main ingredient is for me – I gag on liver, so I forced myself to eat a full serving of drop sarma without gags. I barfed on the street the moment I left.

  3. This isn’t **the** most disgusting thing, but it bears mentioning.

    I was out driving on a hot summer day, and I had a craving for a popsicle. I stopped at the first convenience store I saw and checked out their ice cream cooler. The only popsicles they had were imported. It was the Popsicle brand, but the writing on the wrapper was in another language written in a foreign alphabet *(I’m in the USA)*.

    The only flavor they had was something called a **tamarind**. I have no idea what a tamarind is, but it sounded exotic, so I bought it. I figured it would be an exotic, foreign fruit-flavored, frozen treat.

    It tasted like dirt. It was sweet, but it tasted like dirt. As if you had mixed some mud with some sugar, froze it and then stuck a popsicle stick in it. The popsicle itself was a brownish/beige color. It was like a dirt-flavored popsicle. I licked it three times, and then I threw it away.

    I don’t know if that’s what a tamarind actually tastes like or if it lost something during the shipping process, but I couldn’t imagine anyone giving one of these popsicles to a child as a treat. I later did an image search on the internet for tamarinds. They’re brown, and they look like they’re made out of wood…

  4. A breadstick soaked in a mix of cranberry juice, beer, and a ton of salt. I gagged but still swallowed. My friend gave me all the cash in his wallet, which was like $4 and some change.

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