What is the most embarrassing name you’ve seen a child have?

What is the most embarrassing name you’ve seen a child have?

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  1. Isme Cockin.

    Real name from England. Heard about them from a British friend who went to school with her. Never forgot it. Poor girl. I hope she got married young and changed her name and put her parents in a home for the terminally demented.

  2. I went to school with a girl her name was ima her last name was camel. Fun fact we have a guy running here in Arizona for court in Sun City his name this is real look it up is buttman!!

  3. There was a kid in my school growing up named Basil. When I told one of my sister’s softball coaches about it at a cookout he said “Where did his parents get his name from? The spice cabinet?”. I used that line on him the next time he bullied me and he never picked on me again.

  4. Mexico is very funny, they even have a list of forbidden names for kids, yes to protect the kids from the parents, there are names like:Burger King, All power, Batman, Circunsicion (Circumcision), Christmas Day, covidio (yes, after covid)

  5. Fellow teacher had two girls (not in the same class) named Kotex (“Cot-ex”) and Clitoria.

    Gotta have a license to drive a car, but anybody can have a kid.

  6. It’s not embarrassing in the native language (German), but there was a movie with a young boy who’s named Dick. Dick can be a name or is usually used to describe something as fat/thick.

  7. A boy called “Dolphin”. Other kids didn’t seem to care though.

    Another toddler called “Einstein”. You can almost imagine the parent’s line of thinking “If we give him the name of a smart person, then he’ll one day turn into him!! Genius!”

  8. My friend works with inner city youths in Detroit and has found several “interesting” names. The two big one were L-A pronounced La-dash-uh and the other was Cheese

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