What is the most money you have ever found on the ground?

What is the most money you have ever found on the ground?

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  1. I found a guy’s wallet on the ground once & he had crazy amounts of cash in it plus all his IDs & other cards. Hunted the fool down & returned it to him & he gave me a hundred dollar bill.

  2. I once found 2.800 danish kroner, about 370 usd, at a festival in Denmark. I was 13 and spent every single krone (dollar) at stupid stuff like candy, arcade games, and sodas. It was a pretty good week 🙂

  3. I found 300 dollars on the ground dt in the city, checked my pockets and realized it was my 300 dollars that I had dropped. Did a lap around the block between dropping it and picking it up, it was open for the taking for about 15 minutes.

  4. $84 and a wallet. Grandson saw it on the side of the road while we were taking a walk. . Blew off an older mans roof when he left the gas station. Called a number I found inside the wallet, tracked him down and grandson (9) returned it. His reward was a tearful thank you, a hug and $10. 😊

  5. $20. My family was poor, and all we had was $20 for groceries. While walking to the store, I found a 20 dollar bill in a bush. It had literally double our money and it was the only reason we were able to afford groceries for the next week

  6. That I kept? $20

    That I didn’t keep? I didn’t count it but it was over $1,000 (a lot of $100 bills). It was in a bag (similar to a bank deposit bag) with a lot of other documentation in it. It was in a parking lot and I knew there were cameras so I turned it into the store’s manager.

  7. I found a $50 in the grass next to a sidewalk. I saw the person drop it out of their pocket so I gave it to them and said to be a bit more careful as it’s possible that someone else may have just taken it.

  8. 20 Deutsche Mark. In 1980, if I remember it correctly. I found it on the street and even looked around to see, if there was someone nearby, who could have lost it. There was no one around and I came from a household with little money. So I kept it.

  9. Found like 4k in crevice of a restaurant booth once in a bank envelope. Told my manager and we got it to the lady. She just huffed and didn’t thank us. Oh well. Probably a good thing I was still living at my parents and had a job, so didn’t need the money. Makes it much easier to do the right thing; however a thank you would have been nice. And no, I’m not judging anyone who would have taken the money. I assume you must really need it.

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