What is the most outrageous thing someone has tried to convince you is true?

What is the most outrageous thing someone has tried to convince you is true?

What do you think?


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  1. That the COVID vaccine was the cause of my stepfather’s cancer.

    I told them the news and the first thing they asked was « did he get the vaccine ? » and proceeded to explain to me how it caused cancer. So thoughtful to do that instead of listening.

  2. That satellites aren’t real and when we see them in the sky, they are all holograms projected onto the atmosphere by the government.

    I called this person an idiot and explained that a projector that big and powerful would be more difficult from an engineering standpoint than simply putting a real satellite into orbit with rockets

  3. Not someone but my friend was out of school camping and we (my other friend and I) came up with an elaborate story about how she was hit by a car and we weren’t meant to say anything because it was so minor she was honestly more embarrassed than injured.

    Some people still believe it

  4. Not sure if outrageous so much, but a fully grown man seriously berated me for allowing my children to eat water melon with seeds. Cos didn’t I know that the if they ate the seeds they would have actual melons growing inside them. I just….couldn’t

  5. Start by loving yourself a bit. You are smart, able to keep a job, not a serial killer(???), you will find someone.

    Lower your expectations. I know a woman with low self esteem, owns her home, has had the same job for 2 years, and met a man online, a recovering meth head, who lied to her and stole from her,is back on meth, and after a year she is still “in love with him”. There is someone for everyone.

  6. That starving people are the healthiest, that we don’t actually need food, that hunger is just our mind tricking us instead of an actual need, and that we all should fast as much as we could. That somehow fasting cures cancer and rids our body of all the dead cells and other stuff we don’t need (because fuck the lymphatic system I guess).
    All because he read it in a book about fasting made by some other asshole.

  7. Someone tried to convince me that I’ll find someone.

    I’m a short, ugly, and repulsive science dork with a low SMV.

    People like me get mogged big time by fraternity chads.

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