What is the most overrated movie you’ve seen ?

What is the most overrated movie you’ve seen ?

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  1. _The Rocky Horror Picture Show_. Or at least, the hour I saw of it was so unpleasant I didn’t have any interest in finishing it. Not only did I not enjoy _anything_ about it, but I have no idea what was _supposed_ to be enjoyable about it. This seriously felt like one of those Seltzer and Freidberg movies (You know, the “_____ Movie” ones) with the same things people hate about them. Like them, it’s ostensibly a parody of a genre but it doesn’t go any farther than assembling the sorts of characters and sets typical of those movies; then it just throws mostly irrelevant attention-whoring shit at the screen to kill time. No idea why this film gets more of a pass for that, and no; none of it was ever in “so-bad-it’s-good” territory either.

  2. I’ll never understand the love and popularity of Anchorman. I normally like Will Ferrell, but that entire movie was fucking unbearable to me.

    Similar statement goes for Napoleon Dynamite. You couldn’t pay me to sit through that again.

  3. Annihilation (2018, with Natalie Portman). It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t nearly as profound as it pretended to be. It was a letdown for me because I really like some of Alex Garland’s other work (Ex Machina, Sunshine [as writer]).

  4. Kill Bill 1&2.

    The whole point of kung fu flicks is that the acting and plot are really bad, but the fight choreography and performances are amazing. It’s literally the only reason anyone watches those movies.

    Tarantino nailed the shit plot and acting, but hired someone with no martial arts experience as his lead, so the fight scenes are shit too and there’s no reason to watch the whole mess.

  5. A History Of Violence. I hate that fucking garbage movie and anyone who thinks it’s a masterpiece are those I don’t trust to get movie recommendations from

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