What is the most pleasurable (non sexual) sensation?

What is the most pleasurable (non sexual) sensation?

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  1. For me, I’ve been told it’s a weird one, but a hot shower on a cold rainy day, with the shower window open so i can feel the hot steam and cold crisp air hit my face

  2. Taking off socks/leggings before getting into bed – the feeling of the covers on your legs is impeccable. I will just flap my legs around for a good few minutes.

    Having a perfectly chilled drink when youre thirsty and warm.

    Having someone else wash your hair (the head massage, the warm water, oof.

    For those double jointed folks like me, when your back finally pops back into place. Its a little painful sometimes but the relief that washes over afterwards is bliss.

    Marbles. Everything about them. The clack when they hit each other, how theyre cool to the touch. Rolling them around. They make my brain go brr.

  3. After getting a foot massage. I never gave a darn about my feet and then one day I had had a rough day and my bf is the kindest person ever and told me that he would spoil me. Among the things he did were massaging my feet (and no, nothing sexual there) and afterward it felt like my feet had wings. It was the best sensation ever and that day I realized that you can apparently store stress in your feet.

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