What is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

What is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

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  1. Probably the earth being flat. Just because I’ve looked into it and talked to a few flat earthers, and while they have mountains of “evidence” as to why its flat, i have yet to hear zero reasons as to why the elites are keeping it a secret. And i cant imagime how one gets so swept up into the fantasy without having the why. I mean, i feel like the why is usually why conspiracies start

  2. That gravity doesn’t exist, it’s one of the more popular ones but it’s absolutely mind boggling when people don’t know simple stuff like it’s what is holding you down to the ground. even if the world was flat, you would need SOMETHING holding you down to the ground

  3. There’s only one – one that’s just always fucking insane and I LOVE IT.

    In fact, every time my kid says something about how the moon landing is fake, I tell him that those SAME PEOPLE believe the best conspiracy theory ever –


    Fucking LOVE it.

  4. My mother in law is a conspiracy theorist. She is always going on about – they are going to turn off everyone’s electric. ( She told me to not go to work that day because all the electric will be out)They are going to take everyone’s food away. ( She tried to get my husband and I to bury all our food in the woods so they won’t take it)They are going to put everyone in FEMA camps. They have drones flying around watching everyone. Don’t get close to anyone who got the COVID vaccine because you’ll get COVID. COVID is spreading because people are getting the vaccine. ( She got really mad when I got the vaccine and stayed away from husband and I for 3 months, because according to her anyone who gets the vaccine has COVID for 3 months). They are kidnapping children and replacing their eye color with all black. She is always stocking up( more like hoarding) on food and medical supplies because something is going to happen and we need stuff to trade with because they are going to take all the money away. They steal money from bank açcounts so don’t put money in the bank. We need to grow our own fruits and vegetables because they are planning on stopping produce sales at he grocery store.
    There is a bunch more silly crap that she believes and stresses over. She gets pissy when anyone disagrees with her. She believes everything she hears on YouTube, which is where most of her silly claims come from. I assume they means government. She believes all these silly things and gets mad when I don’t take her seriously.

  5. The reasoning behind 9/11. Has a guy tell me that the US government destroyed the twin towers so that they could get the gold they buried under them. How much gold and why they wanted it was never confirmed in this theory.

  6. From my co-worker: The Real Government instructed Disney to buy Star Wars so Disney could Disney-fi storm troopers so that when The Real Government station storm troopers on every corner, we would be fine with it.

  7. “Transvestigation”. Apparently every major public figure is secretly trans, because something-something Satanism.

    It’s especially hilarious when you look at old videos from before Elliot Page came out explaining how he was *obviously* born male.

  8. Democrats drink the blood of children they traffic in the basement that doesn’t exist of a pizzeria.

    Or maybe that JFK Jr is going to come back to life at the place where his dad was killed to join trump in taking over the world.

    I didn’t make those up.

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