What is the most ridiculous thing a TV show or movie has gotten away with scot-free?

What is the most ridiculous thing a TV show or movie has gotten away with scot-free?

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  1. That movie where the whole plot was about assassins that could curve bullets by twisting their gun while shooting.

    (As if bullets weren’t rifled in the first place…)

  2. In episode 2F09 when Itchy plays Scratchy’s skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. Does that mean it’s a magical xylophone or something?

    I really hope someone got fired for that blunder.

  3. The Joe Schmo Show. Bare with me, for those who don’t know, The Joe Schmo Show was a fake reality show where **the main cast member was unaware that all the participants but him were actually actors** portraying broad reality show character archetypes. Matt Gould went through the whole season thinking he was on a reality show, but it was really a mini “Truman Show” where actors were plotting out drama and being fed lines to continue to convince him it was all real. The truth was revealed to Gould in the season’s finale where he learned the people he thought were his friends (especially one cast member he was very close with) were all actors and they broadcasted it to millions. He was really upset (rightfully) when he learned the truth and was irate about his best friend on the show being fake, it was incredibly hard to watch, but we all did.

  4. One time I saw this episode of something where the step mom character got stuck in something, then she tried to take her clothes off to try and squeeze out, but it didn’t work and only ended up forcing her to need her step son to work out with her until she was sweaty enough to slip out

    It was kind of weird

  5. Several scenes in The Boys. I’m surprised I haven’t heard that many people outraged by the stuff they show on there.

    I don’t have an issue with the show, I think it’s good, but I think it’s weird that other people watch it too if that makes sense.

  6. 1966 _STAR TREK_’s Bones telling Spock he’s out of his fucking mind. He actually said “You’re out of your Vulcan mind” which apparently satisfied the censors, but there was no ambiguity there. I’d love to know who coined that pun.

  7. In 30Rock, a comedy show about the life of writers of a comedy show, there was a joke about a guy having sex with his wife and she was asleep so he didn’t have to be gentle.

    Then there’s a short clip of Liz imagining this with his lady being rocked while she snored.

    Now. In real life, the writers had a competition to see who could get the dirtiest most disturbing jokes past the censors and this was the writer that won.

    Also. The writer was a woman and she’s the one that played Pete’s wife.


  8. In Doctor Who, the Doctor mind controls the entirety of humanity in order to drive off an enemy called The Silence.

    And, whilst they look scary, they’re just priests and in their own way were always just trying to help.

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