What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever had to deal with at work?

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever had to deal with at work?

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  1. A coworker attempted to prove that you couldn’t actually hurt yourself slipping on a banana peel by stepping on one. After which he slipped and hurt himself.

    I refused to write it up as an incident. It was too stupid.

  2. Some random dude took a dump in the floor of where I work. I had to clean it up and he was effectively banned from ever coming back.

  3. When I worked in the NHS, I had to take part in an investigation about a poo on the floor in a community hospital. A patient had missed the bog, so it sat steaming on the floor. The nurse said, too busy, can’t clean that up, get the cleaner. Cleaner said can’t touch that, it’s biological waste. Went back to nurse who said find a healthcare assistant. Healthcare assistant said can’t do it, haven’t been signed off on the infection control policy. Escalated to sister who said the student nurse should do it. Student nurse vomited and ran out crying. I was in the building at the time and heard all the fuss. Thought FFS and cleaned it up myself. Got reported as I was just a manager and not clinical.

  4. I was measuring noise next to a house of a random person. I asked the owner of that house if it was okay to put my equipment next to his house. I was expecting a “yeah sure go ahead”.

    Instead the dude just told me his life story. Told me about his father passing away recently, him being single, mom had dementia and cousin was at the hospital because he had been hit by car.

    I had a short window of time to get my work done and i had to have complete silence for 15 minutes. I would tell him politely to shut it for 15 minutes but after 5 minutes he would just start telling me about some miserable thing about his life and showing pics of his father.

    Then he wanted me to drink a beer with him. I said i was working and driving and i couldn’t.

    He didn’t understand that and kept insisting. I just wanted him to go away so that i could finish the measurement so i said sure.

    Dude went to get the beer and gave it to me. When he wasn’t looking i was spilling it on the floor so that he would think i was drinking with him.

    When i was leaving i said i had to comeback again at midnight. He said he would be ready with some dinner for me.

    I showed up at 1am to avoid it. I felt bad for him but jesus christ i just wanted to get my work done so i could sleep.

  5. I had to build a 3000 ft sidewalk leading to nowhere because of the ADA. It was a chemical storage plant being newly constructed. Everything was up to code, there was a trailer at the end of the property, and a handicapped spot next to the trailer. But no, that’s not good enough. What if someone in a wheelchair was coming to the job site and they needed to wheel instead of taking a car? So we built this sidewalk 2000 feet up to the gate. Not good enough. There’s no sidewalk out front, what if they needed to wheel themselves down the sidewalk to the gate? So we get to the very edge of the properly line, then cut off the sidewalk. Now we’re good, since it’s no longer along the property.

    It’s a chemical plant, nobody in a wheelchair can work there! And if one came to visit, nobody in their right mind is magically spawning at the edge of this sidewalk and wheeling themselves 3000 feet, when they could take their damn car and park 10 feet from our trailer.

  6. One week my boss told me that I was talking too much with my coworker on my downtime when not with customers so next week we weren’t talking unless with a customer and then I was pulled aside and asked why we weren’t interacting w the team and if everything was okay. So contradicting

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