What is the most stupid quote from anything?

What is the most stupid quote from anything?

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  1. German not-liked youtuber.
    “Du denkst du spielst Schach, aber du spielst kein Schach. Du spielst Schach gegen dich selbst.” – Leon Machère
    “You think you play chess, but you don’t play chess. You play chess against yourself.”

  2. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. Of course you need to apologize if you say or do something wrong! Love doesn’t change that! In fact, if you love someone and wrong them, you absolutely should apologize! What a stupid concept, how does someone get paid to write that shit, and worse, how does it become iconic?

  3. I mean, I can understand it meaning that you have to take the good and the bad in a person and love them even on the bad days. But people seem to use it as an excuse to be total bitches, and those people can fuck themselves.

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