What is the most unexplainable thing that ever happened to you?

What is the most unexplainable thing that ever happened to you?

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  1. Years ago, my buddy and a friend of his are out in the boonies, lighting off fireworks for the 4th of July. We go out to the cars to light the stick for igniting the fireworks. As my buddy’s buddy is in the car doing so, I look up at all the stars, completely unused to seeing so many. As I’m looking, something just feels off. I finally pinpoint it and start squinting my eyes, looking away and back, everything I can think of to make sure that I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing. It’s one point of light absolutely identical to the stars around it, except for one weirdness: it’s doing a steady, repeating figure 8. I turned to my buddy to ask him about it and I see him staring at the same area of sky, so I ask him, “Do you see what I see?” I hadn’t said a word about *what* I saw, but he answered back, “A star doing a figure 8?” I’ve tried to explain it by any logical means over the years, but nothing quite matches up and I refuse to accept that a figure 8 in space is the alien teenager version of doing doughnuts in a parking lot.

  2. After my uncle died I went out to my car to take a drive, have a cigarette and clear my head. As I reached for the door handle the electric locks- locked and unlocked, and then did it quickly about three more times. This is 20 years before remote controls on your keys, it was an old beater car from the 80’s.

    Never did it before, and it never did it again. Just that one time right after we found out. It was very odd

  3. Not totally unexplainable and can just call it coincidence if you don’t believe in sorcery. When I was in kindergarten or maybe first grade, we had a blackout at my school, and this kid goes “wait, I’ll light a match” and proceeded to pretend to light an invisible match and the lights came back on, and we cheered for him. Then he said “oh it’s too hot, and he “blew it out”, then the lights went back out.


  4. Someone leaked our private messages and it was from my friend. Like, what’s his purpose? I am currently having trust issues because of him.

    All I can wish is the worse for him right now lmao

  5. On several occasions I felt like I was losing my mind during a conversation because I swore I had a premonition about that exact conversation happening.

  6. One time we saw the jake from State Farm commercial but it kept on glitching and it cut to a blurry screen where it said the date and it cut back to “this will be the end” it was like 7 years ago and I have a video of it somewhere on my ipad

  7. Back in the late 80’s during the summer my family was flying from Denver to our house a couple states over. This was in the old Denver airport. Not the one we all think of now. We’re sitting at the gate waiting to board when on the intercom we hear a woman say, “ Paging Mr. Bunny, Mr. Easter Bunny, Please pick up a white courtesy phone. Mr. Bunny, Mr. Easter Bunny”.

    This was before the Internet and during a time so far away from Easter. Was that a code for something? What would it even be a code for? Usually codes are supposed to be non described and only obvious to the people that know the code. Mr. Bunny, Mr. Easter Bunny is pretty fucking attention getting. Maybe it was a joke but the woman over the intercom had been asking for all kinds of other, normal sounding people as well.

  8. Fell asleep watching the original pet semetery, dreamt my cat was hit by a car. Woke up to my dad telling me she had just been hit, and we needed to “take care of her” because she was suffering.

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