What is the most unusual fear you have?

What is the most unusual fear you have?

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  1. I’ve had a recurring nightmare since I was little of being stuck in the center of the ocean morning through night. I always feeling sea creatures brushing up against me all day just trying to conserve energy and keep my head above water and eventually at the end my body is so drained of energy I have to accept death and sink, I always have to let myself drown by inhaling water and sinking into darkness. I always wake up having a panic attack when it happens and i have to talk myself out of it being real. Idkw I’ve literally never even been in the ocean before lol

  2. I’m an uptight person and i’m always worry about my parents health my husband my siblings
    I don’t know what i can do to fix it
    I had taken serteraline for about a year and no improvement

  3. • The sound of an approaching ice cream truck.
    • Waking up one day surrounded by strangers and being told I was in a coma and everything I had experienced was a coma dream. And/or things shutting down and I’m in an arcade by the “human experience VR” game and some friends ask me how my 1 minute game went.
    • Being taken to the hospital while I have a tampon in. They don’t think to check and then I get Toxic Shock Syndrome.
    • A traffic light falling on my head when I drive under it.

    I think these are my most unusual ones haha whoops

  4. Ok apparently no one can read because the post says UNUSUAL fear. So all the people saying, ‘death’ or ‘the dark’, it’s asking for more like, fear of fish or fear of bananas

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